Friday, September 23, 2005


Tonight i learned that a very close person to me is a very bad alcoholic. I think I always knew it, he has been a functional alcoholic for a long time.

The ironic thing is this guy has a ton of money, a loving, beautiful and patient wife, great kids, grandkids and everything to live for, and yet will probably kill himself with the bottle if he doesn't pull his brain out of it.

He is in alcohol related depression now, has numerous alcohol related health problems but I am not sure yet he realizes completely his disease, and I guess I wonder if he will die first or if he will pull himself out of it.

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Jenelle said...

It is so friggin retarded to me that alcohol remains a legal drug. Honestly it has ruined more lives...Alcoholism is such a terrible disease. My mother is a recovering alcoholic and I too am a recovering alcoholic. I began drinking at the age of 13. I never hung out with people my age because I was always "too cool". Well being cool took it's toll. By the time I was 15 I was drinking everynight and would go days without eating. Literally I was a stick figure. It was a very desperate time for me as I was also homeless and living on the streets. Staying with friends here and there, but had no place to call home. I met my husband about 6 months after i began to slow down on the drinking and with hs support, I kicked the habit. But once an alkie, always an alkie. I drink every here and there, but I find myself wanting to get hammered, see how much I can drink so I can wear it like a badge. So mostly I just stay away from it.

But it is a horrific addiction. I hope your friend seeks the help he needs and takkes care of himself, not just for his sake either, but for those around him who love him dearly.