Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What is out there in the blogosphere

So lately I have been clicking through the blogrolls of others to see what is out there.

Lots of ladies posting pictures of their shoes, what is up with that? I guess I never realized...

Not to be outdone...

The crazy thing is, that shoe post might garner over 100 comments. What is up with that??

And posts about people with the most menial of say, they are *OMG* turning 23! And then a million comments on that!

Now, lean in here, pssst. I was born very critical. I do not consider this trait an asset and squelch it whenever I feel it popping up. Or apologize when I have stepped out of line. But after several weeks of checking out blogs with lots of traffic and seeing the stuff...often not even well written, not new, not interesting, not funny...not anything! But still the person is getting like 70 plus comments? Huh. Go figger.

"Ohhhh, I am so sorry it rained on your birthday!! That is *such* a bummer!"
"I am sorry your blue flip flops broke, I know how that is, it happened to me a month ago..."

ChezWhat scratches head. Hmm.

But then, to be honest, there are some writers out there whose skillz I wish I had. The first one that comes to mind is Neilochka. Neil not only knows how to turn a word, but he knows how to make the mundane funny. Good shtick.

Megan also has a way of looking at things that I enjoy. Go to her.

Fitena gets props first of all by the mere fact that she is in Mauritius. But that wouldn't be enough for me to keep coming back on its own. She writes some worthy stuff as well.

In the sphere of originality, I was pleased to find Out With the Kids. This person has the blog I would want to write ...going places that are good for kids, music and books that kids like. Excellent taste he has, and I am inclined to check into his recommendations.

But I was thinking about the whole blog thing, and people with their fancy headers..I mean there is some amazing works of graphic art out there, people spend alot of time on this stuff! It's like people are marketing theyselves. Was reading one of J's Business 2.0 talking about how to make the benjamins on blog and I was thinkin, this is what I was thinkin'

Blogs for many are marketing themselves to turn a buck. Yuck.

They said striking imagery was key to making a "splash".

This is a hockey team drinking beer in a hot tub. Maybe this is interesting?

On another aside, I noticed I had me some of my own prejudices. I realized this. I wanted people to either be smart of funny on their blogs. Like Neil and Fitena. Or I wanted them to take another angle, like Megan. Some folk just struck me as really boring folk. Like me. I think I would be kinda boring to read maybe, but then I gots a couple really great folk who stick around for the stuff I puts out. I gots to thinkin I needed to spice it up somehow.

Maybe this will work:
24 on a beach in Ecuador. ((((Sigh))))

I tended not to like folk who advertised their issues. I tended not to even consider folk who were, like with an agenda...say, pushin foot fetishism. I tended to not like blogs who seemed like they were written by folk I would find too "in my face"--as in "accept me as I am and validate my ways" (people who wanted everyone to see them using their breast pump, for instance). I am a big fan of wine and beer, but since I got some family having issues with alcohol, I tended to be a little offed by the aggrandizing of alcohol...largely attributed to losing loved ones to this particular drink (the whole thing has made me take a hiatus from alcohol). To my surprise, there are alot of blogs about their with this thing in common...drinking/drunkenness. I'll get over it, I am sure.

Anyhow, be offended I suppose if you get here, find me too critical (ha! what else is new?) but dig a lil deeper here at ChezWhat. I offer up my favorite posts...

Rock n Roll pest control--cos it is so real.
Community...why it is important.
I can't help maself, I love the geeks.
And this is what it is all about.

and my favorite quote, for those who missed it

“I'm sick of following my dreams, man. I'm just gonna ask where they're goin' and hook up with them later.”
—Mitch Hedberg


jane said...

i'm still here - just been busy lately! your shoes rock... although i bet they hurt as much as my goth-boots :-)

jane said...

hmmm... this might show up twice. i'm using the computer at work, and all the blogger comment stuff is in korean. i just pressed the post comment button (well, i'm 95% sure i pressed the post comment button) and everything went blank. so, trying again:

still reading! i've just been busy lately. love your shoes, although i bet they hurt as much as my goth boots do! :-)

Fitèna said...

Clap, Clap, Clap! *Bow* Ladies and Gentelman, that was one cri du ceour wasn't it! lol! Adline, so love this! The curious thing is I was thinking aout your students reading this. Go figger it out! lol!
You're so very right too, I've asked myselfs tons of questions about the why's of + comments on some posts and nearly nil on others you believe deserved more that that. I have a blogger friend who told me that she does not understand what I write about and that's why sh does not comment. What don't you understand? I asked. She took a bite of her zinger, chewed, swallowed and said that my writing is too deep and intellectual. So maybe that explains why shoe posts gets many comments!
Go to Chickybabe, she's worth being stopped by at!
And thank you, really enoyed this and not because you love me! lol!
BTW, love the picture!

Fitèna said...

Oh, where id you get the pic of the logospehe? hilarious! I love the "Motive unknown" bit!


jane said...


i tried to post here twice from work and it wouldn't let me.... trying again from home:

i'm still here - just been busy! BTW - love the shoes, although i bet they hurt just as much as my goth boots!

jane said...

oh damn! the "Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval." thingy was only visible in KOREAN when i did this at work. shite. feel free to delete most of these damn comments of mine!

Adeline said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Adeline said...

Haha she took a bite of her zinger and told you your writing was too intellectual...Ha! priceless!

Fitena I made the picture of the blogosphere by swiping a pic off the internet and altering it in photoshop.

Jane, glad you are still around! I am lurking at your place too, Korea seems to be being very good to you!

Megan said...

Amen sista. I don't get it most of the time. There are a couple blogs I periodically look at that are hugely popular and I always wonder why. Then again, I'm still checking them. Hmm...

Thanks for the shout out! So, I see things differently, eh? I'm going to put on my interpreter hat and try to figure that one out. (I think that was a kind way of saying I'm weird! haha Which, let's face it, is totally true!)

Adeline said...

Nononono Megan, not wierd! but man I would never think to write that highly clever letter to my computer, which I think was the post that inspired the comment...

aadil said...

Man, that's the most work safe picture of you I have ever seen, Adeline. Do you honestly expect to boost this blog's visitor frequency with pics like that? ;p

Adeline said...

hm, i guess your right. Perhaps I should put some pictures of cows or goats in compromised positions or something, i mean getting traffic does often mean appealing to the common denominator.

aadil said...

Shaved goats will do fine, thank u. (^^)b

Adeline said...

You're just so classy, aadil. So classy.

ChickyBabe said...

In my relatively short time as a blogger, I couldn't figure out why some posts generate a lot of comments and others don't. I once posted a "Blank Page" post (with a purpose) and it received 60 comments! Or I could toil over a post for days and get minimal feedback.

Thank you Fitena for the kind word.

atpanda said...

Some freak on Flickr left me a very strange message last week. Of a picture of the bottom of my shoe he wrote me how he wanted to BE a girl's shoe. I went to his profile and he's a foot fetishist. YIKES!

Lux Lisbon said...

anyone who says YO! is ok in my book.