Sunday, September 18, 2005

Check out da new me!

1. How many cds, tapes, records, eight tracks, reel-to-reels, etc. do you own?

I own about 140 cassettes that I never listen to, and 240 cd's, though some of those are mp3 cd's (about 10 of them) I Used to own about 80 albums but left them in the care of someone, forgot who exactly had them and never got them back. So does size matter? Have never owned an 8 track.

2. Last musical recording you bought (itunes count, too).

Pink Martini "Hang on Little Tomato", Bebel Gilberto "Bebel Gilberto" & John Coltrane "Lush Life" all purchased at the same time.

3. Last album I listened to from beginning to end.

Pink Martini "Hang on Little Tomato"

4. Six songs that mean a lot to me. Not album oriented? This one's for you.

South Central Rain by REM--Back before they turned into what they are now, REM made great music for that day. This is kinda a dirge of my youth. Jangly, a little sad, perhaps a little whiny, but I didn't think so at the time I liked it. I got Michael Stipe's autograph in 86 outside of the Paramount Theater for the Fables of the Reconstruction tour, that's a fun little memory. I wore the tshirt to threadbare nothingness.

Anything by Roger Miller or Jonathon Richman--I know I am stretching the question here a little bit, but how can you say Do Wacka Do is better than You can't talk to the Dude? This is music that occupies a special spot in life, no not a spot where they wear white coats either. A place of genuinely not caring too much.

Sorry I am adding in this as a 7th--Ramones (Sheena is a Punk & Now I wanna be your dog) & The Clash (London Calling and Combat Rock). Guilty Listening of a 9th grader back in what was it--'84? My brother's influence. I can make no list that doesn't acknowledge that if it wasn't for these bands I might still be listening to Hall and Oates. eek!

The Pixies (and the Breeders)--Impossible to choose 1 song. They are also that kinda music that occupies a place in the past. I would say Trompe Le Monde - Subbacultcha, d=rt... From Surfer Rosa-- River Euphrates, Broken Face, Vamos--anything, it's all driving to the beach offa work for the weekend music.

Cubanismo & Jose Arroyo -- from my salsa days, or rather salsa nights.

Baden Powell--Okay he has a vast music selection, but anyone who knows his stuff knows he has pretty much created his own style of playing the guitar. This musician exists always in Santa Maria Costa Rica on a rainy thundery night on the back covered porch of a hostel where the walls didn't go all the way to the ceiling and tastes like rum and cokes with no ice.

Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto -- The girl from Ipanema, heard while working at a popular coffee chain that will remain nameless but caused me to wake up more than once saying "double tall nonfat latte! I got it!!" This song single handedly radically altered my whole idea of music really, I went from being a listener of alternative wall of sound nascent mudhoney, janes addiction and velvet underground & subsequently stereolab and pizzicato 5 stuff to being all about caetano and moreno veloso, bebel gilberto, and a whole mess of other brazilian artists that pretty much all I want to listen to now, with a little from other parts of the world to0...

5. Songs or Albums I would consider my "guilty pleasure." These are the recordings you love but are afraid to admit it...

Charlie Daniels "Devil went down to Georgia"
Do I confess that I joke with Jeff that our song is "Fooled around and Fell in Love"?
Detroit Rock City by KISS
Van Halen "You really Got Me" & all that album
Shakira Donde Estan los Ladrones and Pies Descalzos
Thalia Piel Morena and Amor a la Mexicana
Herbaliser Freestylin
Michael Jackson--Billie Jean
I have no shame, if it's a good little jam, why not?

6. Who are the bloggers you are passing this on to?

Umm well I do not have a long list of fellow bloggers, I am kinda an antisocial newbie. Natalie?


Sweet said...

Billie Jean? Guilty pleasure? Really?

I'm also surprised at Suley's sheepishness with D'Angelo.

suleyman said...

Har Har, Sweet.

You have excellent musical taste, and that's something coming from a veritable music nazi such as myself. Your tastes, from what I see here, are roughly 90% identical to mine - which is scary.

I loooves me some tropicalia. Os Mutantes are just fantástico. And Milton Nascimento.

I probably own more recordings by REM than any other band (tapes, records, and CDs). I enjoy "Don't go back to Rockville."

The Clash! God bless you for liking the Clash. I bought all of their albums in middle and high school. I just love hearing strummer caw like a rooster. My favorite Clash number is probably "Spanish Bombs."

Let me reiterate, Jonathan Richman is the man. The Pixies and Breeders both, well, rock. "Your bone's got a little machiiiine!" Kim Deal is a sort of goddess to me.

If you like latin music, let me recommend "los amigos invisibles" and "Los fabulosos cadillacs" if you haven't already heard them.

I think your guilty pleasures, save Shakira and Kiss, are great. And Billie Jean is the greatest pop song. ever.

Are you being serious about that nickname?


suleyman said...

Oh, and what's your beef with country music?

Country is gooood, y'all. You can't tell me you don't love Johnny Cash. Have you heard his gospel stuff? If you haven't, thou must.