Monday, September 26, 2005

warm and partly cloudy with icy gusts and nasty rain

This is my weather forecast. Kind of all over the place, though not much sunshine.

These days I can relate with this kitty.

I so need some frivolity, dancing around in my underpants and general shirking of the dust piled up on my head. I believe having this child of mine has made me far too empathetic, to the point that the troubles of my close friends really make me sad. I need to knock that off! A friend, a bit younger than I, recently learned she was pregnant and her husband is on and off making her life kind of miserable. There's more to that story but telling it will only make me sad.

And into everyone's life a little rain must fall, but it's feeling like a lot of flash deluges.

So I will make a top ten list, but I don't know what to make it of so I am going to make a top ten list of top ten lists.

10. top ten personal or household items that will remain in my car for longer than a month

9. top ten words that Barry White can say and make sound sexy

8. top ten reasons why I love food

7. top ten reasons why my husband rocks the casbah

6. top ten songs to do the funky chicken to in your underpants

5. top ten ways to forget about your misery

4. top ten coolest figures in history, based on my limited knowledge.

3. top ten pieces of useless advice that I too often feel inclined to share

2. top ten best cities I think to live in, even though I never visited most of them

1. top ten best deep thoughts from jack handy and me

Should I go back to talking about the weather?

1 comment:

suleyman said...

that's a good list of lists.

I am open to your use of #6. This is a question I have often asked myself.

I also want to see the top ten coolest figures in history based on your knowledge.