Monday, October 03, 2005

Is that okay?

So far I have seen people blaming Hurricane Katrina and Rita for not doing things in their life they might have done otherwise...but I am thinking to myself, "Self, that seems really odd since nothing actually happened to them," which brings me to this list

Top ten lame excuses for not doing mundane stuff in your life

10. The war in Iraq (short of being touched directly by it through a family member serving there, I am not sure this will fly when trying to explain why you didn't remember a meeting or buy someone a birthday card)

9. Major weather disaster du jour (tsunamis, hurricanes don't excuse you from being on time to work, unless your domicile or transport was destroyed or damaged)

8. Major act of terrorism of the day (as above, limits of reason here. Not sure if you can blame missing your nieces birthday party on the London train bombing)

7. Time change (I know some people get really messed up by this, but this always confounds me --unless they are suffering from a health issue, it doesn't seem like it should in and of itself be that much of a big deal)

6. Ran out of gas This is never a good excuse. Never use this.

5. I was busy (you may as well tell them they weren't as important as something else they were doing)

4. I overslept and was so late anyway I thought I would stop at Starbucks to get a coffee. (bzzt. bad logic here, try again)

3. I left the litter box on the window sill and when the cat tried to go to the bathroom he fell 3 floors down and there was a big mess and I had to find my cat. (don't ask me how I know about this).

2. huh?

1. George Bush. (I can't get anything done with him in charge of the country)

next...the top ten best excuses


suleyman said...

What about snowfall or ice storms? Around here, if three inches of snow are on the ground, people flip out and go into survival mode. They buy all the bread and milk at the store and lock themselves away in their homes. If it's an ice storm, it's much worse. Usually because the power goes out for a day or two.

"I didn't have any power, so I couldn't make it to work." or "Well, I'm worried that there might be some black ice on the overpasses, better not come in today."

I think #1 is definitely the lamest of the 10. Post Election Stress Syndrome? Cometh on, people.


suleyman said...

Now you know how late I stay up at night...

Kawaii means "cute" in Nihongo. It has entered English parlance, particularly amongst Otaku (anime geeks). Kawaii!!! It usually accompanies something that is regarded as "moe" (mo-ay) which is an aesthetic term used to describe the ideal anime gal.

I'll get to that Old Testament stuff tomorrow. I already have an answer to most of your queries, some I'm not sure of.