Saturday, October 15, 2005

memememe pt 2

The 10 things I would like to have the time to experience before I die.

  • Israel
  • A scooter
  • A hybrid car
  • A zero energy home, I want to build one!
  • Learn Russian so I am really good at it
  • Learn to Tango
  • Arabic maybe
  • Living overseas and working there for an extended period of time
  • Do a few marathons, even if I only walk them
  • Get an award for doing something really well (yes, I want recognition and approval, how very human of me)
  • Watch my daughter grow up to be a rock and roll drummer (ahem)
  • Be A REALLY GOOD cook.

What I could do, starting from today to succeed in the realisation on the above named projects.

  • Study my Russian, take some classes
  • Quit being sick and busy and go to the gym
  • Save more money, resist the urge to buy crap

The movies or novels which I liked

The Pianist, Raising Arizona, Princess Bride, Serpico, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, Carlito's Way, The Piano, Taxi Driver,

Babbit, Working by Studs Terkel, The Fixer, Eduardo Galeano, A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry, The House of Sand and Fog, The Adventures of Augie March by Saul Bellow--too many to list

The everyday situations which make me stress-prone.

  • Dealings with authority
  • Being rushed or feeling rushed
  • Spilling coffee on papers from my students
  • House too messy
  • Disorganized for students walking into room and not compensating well

What makes me relax.

  • A hug from Jeff
  • My daughter
  • A nap
  • exercise
  • My music

Quotes, proverbs which inspire me and give me courage.

This is a bit enough one for it’s own entry.

What these lists have taught me.

I have too much time, and who the hell is going to read all this stuff anyway?

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