Wednesday, October 19, 2005


SO like a sucker I agree to work with the chilluns tonight, with Adeline on me chest. Bugger, the littluns were justa ruuunnin hither n yon, almost wanted to resort to riot tactics and yell "halt! disperse!" while rampingup my teargas. but they are only 2 and 3 year olds so moms n pops probably wouldn't appreciate this slightly inappropriate attempt at management. But man alive they were ALL OVER --one ripping things off the wall, another having to go potty, one coughing all over everyone, two others running in crazed circles around sharp pointy things, another one moaning on her belly and the teacher trying to teach them some song. I wanted to announce I was done and go home. Did I mention all the ones trying to stick their nasty little fingers in my childs mouth and touching every visible part of her, and my child squirming and flopping as if to say "take me away!"


Fitèna said...

What where they trying to do to Adeline??? OHMYGAWD!!! How terrible! Let's tell The Great Sephanous about it... I think his junevile court would fix those monstors allright! What? They're just babies! So what!?

Seems like you had one Bad Bad Day!!! I sympathise!!


The Great Saphenous said...

Kids these days.

Ever think about the fact that people have been saying that particular phrase for hundreds of years? Imagine how angelic the children of the 12th century must've been.