Friday, November 11, 2005

All your base are belong to us.

I am working on a female blog. Never mind. I think only Fitena will get it anyway.

Fitena I agree that "No one should be given the power of holding you back." We allow other people to hold us back by believing what they say is right when they discourage. I really had to dig in my mind to remember those who have encouraged me. I am sorry and can replate to that "tepid" encouragement. I have received that and I don't count it as encouragement at all, rather discouragement most of the time. "Go ahead if you think you can" So how can I encourage you? I can tell you I am glad you read my blog and leave little notes and that encourages me, esp. when people actually read all the stuff I wrote and comment on it intelligently as you always have. I think people are lucky to have you around. I am.

My husband told me about the "Every time you___ God kills a kitten" tonight. I think I will have to use that in class.

Tonight I offer up to you ear candling and now that all new butt candle! check out the butt candle procedures, you can't not smile.

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Fitèna said...

"ButtCandle, Inc: Home: The gentler alternative to laxatives, enemas and anti-flatuence pills". I read the paragraph which follows and couldn't help lol!

I've heard about "ear candling (coning)". My old neighbour tried it on my mum. They all do it here, which is the first place I heard about it. Only they don't do it for earwax removal. They believe that when you have recurrent headaches and hear a hollow sound (like when you're in a plane you know) in your ears, there's air in there. So this coning stuff helps release the air and pressure in your head through your ears.

And Heather, thatnks for the nice words. I really appreciate.

Adeline is beatufiful. I just saved her crawling pics on my PC. I just love babies!


PS: When is the women's blog due? :-)