Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hoo chee mama

This one's for you Fitena...

I found this post. GO look and read the comments. It is absolutely scary that most people think that Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie look good in this shot, and further scary that they think in the second picture, the woman is fat/overweight. Sheesh. This scares me. It can't be.

Women are supposed to have an arse and a chest. It's scary to me cos I don't want to believe that the world believes that girls are supposed to look like rakes. Weigh in, please, figuratively, of course.


suleyman said...

Lindsay Lohan and Lionel Richie's daughter look hideous. There was a time when Lohan had some meat on her and actually looked somewhat attractive, but she looks downright undead in that pic. When I see something like that, my only reaction is revulsion, followed by pity.

The "plus size" model is a whole lot more attractive than those two zombies. She reminds of one of those figures you'd see in a painting by Rubens or Renoir (who does my favorite nudes). Whatever happend to "even white boys gotta shout"? I mean, Lindsay and Lionel Richie's daughter don't have any of the proverbial "junk" in their proverbial "trunks," let alone much bounce to the ounce.


J. Star said...

Yowzah, that shit ain't right...

Fitèna said...

lol! lol! lol! Thank you Heather! Merci beaucoup! I haven't had this going of laughter since a very very long time!

Here read this : "They’re all beautiful, but skinny is better. I think they look fantastic now, and they probably feel great too." The guys needs a pair of magnifiers AND a psy for thinking these gals MAY actually feel great!

Did you see that Lindsay's tummy???? Suley says she looks like she spent a month in Dachau! lol! What's a Dachau anyway?

This one is my favourite : "I wouldn’t want to make out with a girl whose ribs can poke my eye out. Sometimes more is more." *Scream*

I know I wanna lose weight but I don't wanna look like THAT, not ever!!! What is Lindsay trying to hold up plese????? There's nada there!!!!

No really Heather! Thanks a lot! I love the models picture. She's georgous. Now that I think of it, that';s what I look like! hahaha!

"If you can see the bones between breasts that are supposed to be covered with muscle and breasts, a woman is too thin. Both Nicole and Lindsay have that. Valerie looks great." That's right!

Hugs and kisses to Adeline!


Neil said...

I was absolutely stunned at all the comments of woman thinking those two anorexic girls looked healthy. This obsession with thinness is really a disease with some people, and our media certainly doesn't help because everyone on TV is never over size 2. I'm glad to meet some people who actually THINK like normal people.

Who really thinks these scrawny girls are sexy or good-looking at all?

He's Dead, Jim! said...

In that photo, Nicole and Lindsay look as if they belong in an issue of National Geographic. Lindsay also has a puffed out belly, which is hallmark of kwashiorkor or protein starvation. Scary.

Whereas Valerie in real life is likely a size 10 or 12. If you saw her in 3D, she would be another attractive woman walking around on the street.

he's dead, jim! said...

Oh, and Dachau was a concentration camp.