Friday, December 16, 2005

Hey now!

Who doesn't love a geek squadster.

Napoleon Dynamite I would say is the best piece of original cinema to come out in as long as I can remember. Marvelled at that main character...where DID they find him?

But then I got curious about this Jon Heder guy, and I dun think I went and fell in love. Aside from the fact that he is a Mormon, which has its good and bad points, I saw that he was actually a very compelling feller.

He went to South Salem High School less than a hundred miles from me and almost did my student teaching there. He is about 27 and has a general interest for all things 70's. He is doing movies now but I know I would hardly have recognized him.

Hubba Hubba! Buck teeth aside, holy cow! I mighta kissed this guy before I got married! No honey, Jeff I don't want to kiss him now, perish the thought, I find him disgusting, and yet, and yet... intriguing. But of course you are way cuter honey. Ok I dont find him disgusting at all, in fact, I think he's all right!

I think one of his next films is called Just Like Heaven where he plays a New Age bookstore owner. He wants to be a computer animator. His criterion for doing films is that he does no sex scenes, he uses no foul language and I think he says he won't kill anyone or somethin. Can we get some more actors like this, please?

He doesn't really care too much about getting parts because he is still more interrested in computer animation. mmm Jon Heder, I just wonder what this guy is like?


Jenelle said...

Yea he is kinda cute huh? Lol...I'm glad u admitted it first though!

Damien said...

Wait wait I saw the guy do an interview about a year ago and had to take a double take, man the dude could be a model!

suleyman said...

He looks like a hamster.

I'm the only person on earth who hasn't seen Napoleon Dynamite.


Fitèna said...

Screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm! Suley just stole that description out of my mind! He does look like a hamster!!!! lol!!!!

And you're right. The crucial question is: Where Did They find HIM!!!????

(Still laughinG!!!)