Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A little monotony for ya

Well my hits dipped to record lows, people don't want to hear about me moralizing about crappy stuff that is in the media. Imagine that. Not a single comment even.

I am going to try a little (Paris Hilton) experiment.

Becuase my mother in law starts every conversation with a weather report, while I am tempted to talk about the weather here, which borders on maddening, (Ashton Kutcher) because one has to bundle up in the sub zero AM's that are killing my tulips and then hork a big jacket home as the afternoon warms to 70 and clear, I won't (George Clooney). Betcher glad I am not talking (Will Smith) about the weather.

The monotony is complete here. If I never had to comparison shop for another (50 Cent) toddler car seat again it would be too soon. I think that in hell this is the thing people are forced to do (Brad Pitt), rack their fragile psyches about weight limits, forward facing or rear facing, recline positions, cup holders (Jennifer Aniston), not to mention the thrill of dropping anywhere from 100 to 300 bucks on a woefully chinsy piece of plastic with polystyrene --or memory foam!-- covered with what looks like (Lyndsay Lohan) cloth that was once used to make disco shirts. Unless you are in the position to spend 300 on the thing, it is very hard to believe the thing will actually protect your child (Cameron Diaz) in a collision. I can safely say I would rather jam slivers under my finger nails or slide down a 50 foot razor naked than ever have to car seat shop again.

I bought myself a nice Valentine's Day gift though, lunch out with my friend A at a Thai place that is close to the car seat hellhole. wink wink.

Hopefully Addy won't cry in this car seat like she did the first one.

Here's a little story. Once upon a time there was a little old lady named R. She had 4 kids. One of her daughters, C, had problems staying married, so R raised her two daughters. R's first born, a very successful engineer, managed to garner top honors from the famous corporation where he worked. A real trick since he never finished college. He set up his retirement so nicely that he was a millionaire when he retired at 59. Another son of R's did well enough in a middle class life and really only struggled with his son who was prescribed with ADHD and subsequently started using alot of drugs at a young age, which he attritbutes to the Ritalin he was medicated with early on. Because of his drug use, it seemed his brain never was able to grow up like normal. This broke his parents heart. C went on to have no fewer than 6 husbands, and at the age of 60 still liked to surf online for boyfriends. One of her daughters, K, left her family and was gone for 10 years while she lived a life addicted to methamphetamines. When she came back, she was "rehabilitated" and so R reluctantly consented to have have K live with her (mostly becuase R now was 83 and had congestive heart failure and needed help since her daughters C and J, though they lived 3 minutes away were too busy to help her). Ra had raised K and wanted to believe it would all be ok. It might have been, even though she was using R's prescriptions for painkillers to supplant her earlier addictions, but it really turned sour when she cleaned out R's bank account to go gamble. Poof, all of R's money was gone. K became the family pariah and moved to a trailer where no one hears from her. K's sons, one has impregnanted a girl and the other is a drug adled compulsive liar.

R broke her back by tripping over her tubes that she needed to keep her alive one day when she had to answered the door. Her daughters, J was supposed to be there (J is in perpetual pain with back problems), and C was in the yard (in the middle of a frosty January). Now R cannot walk, has no one to take care of her and the caretaker of her money, the firstborn who is a millionaire, is an alcoholic who is always *too busy* to go see her. ((((sigh)))


Fitèna said...

There's an old man who cleans the conference hall for a few bucks where i work. He gets drunk with the money. He's a nice fellow really, always polite but for his drinking problem. He sleeps the building, eats here, never changed his clothes for the two years I've known him. I don't know why he only talks to me.
His brother is our Minister of Finance here.


PS: 1. which's the post you gor no comment on?
2. YOU bought YOURSELF a valentine's gift!? lol!
3. You are good, 18 lines paragraph about toddler car seats!! lol!

suleyman said...

You forgot Hilary Duff. And Omarion. Omarion likes to get his six pack on.

And Chingy. You forgot him thurr.

Emptiness. Just emptiness.

Is R. your grandmother? It's sad, but it's a common situation.


J. Star said...

Um, I was going to say, "Lol, did your experiment work?" But then the story was so sad...

on the other hand, i passed that Chewbacca blog around work and caused at least one person to snort orange juice from her noseholes.