Thursday, February 23, 2006

One of those days

Props to Suley for bringing good news.

Today was one of them. A day that goes afoul from the start.

I have had several in the past coupla weeks.

Along with a phase of tripping on everything from dustballs, stubbing toes, falling up stairs, falling down stairs, tripping on things that aren't there, like when I tripped into my classroom as I opened the door in the AM and spilled me coffee all over the recycle bin. I tripped on my neighbors one step before their door and broke their styrofoam boob on the side of the house (Jeff says its there to keep the faucet from freezing, but I swear it's there all year long). Now I have lots of bruises and a skinned knee and I think I would almost rather go back to my phase of misplacing my wallet and keys.

J, husband, is fond of coffee. In fact, if there is every any coffee in the house, I half believe that he merely stands in front of the coffee machine and makes it disappear. This AM I was actually looking forward to the coffee that I made the previous evening, it was like free coffee, I didn't have to make it , I just had to nuke it. But guess what? J had discovered the coffee and it was no more. No more.

This had happened the previous morning as well, went to get a cup and there were like 2 tablespoons. He drank an entire 12 cup pot of coffee! He says "I just took what I normally take," J! you aren't supposed to consume a 12 cup pot of coffee in a day! He seems to feel this is me overreacting.

We this AM, sorry I keep getting sidetracked, this AM was more of the same. I have learned how to try to avert the dreaded AM elf who misplaces all my necessary items before I walk out the door by sort of organizing stuff the night before. I always feel so Type A when I do that, but man I can really screw up a morning--all clothes dirty or missing, shoes can only find one, can't find barrette, running out of time, no coffee, baby needs food, clothes I need to wear are wet, bling is old and breaking, milk is bad, where's the bleepin laptop!?? PURSE! KEYS!!
Those brown shoes dont GO with black tights, THAT'S why I cant wear em!

Can you feel the chaos of this 15 minutes between 715 and 730? And then tripping into ones place of work, landing squarely on ones face? First thing!

Best way to start a day.

My sched this year is rough. I am with students straight from 8 am until 105 with no break. No washing hands, no potty breaks, no breathers for sanity. This coupled with 5 hours of sleep and the 8 freshman boys in 6th period? Small wonder I postulate whether a chainsaw is an appropriate classroom management tool. It's something, I think, only a teacher could really get. 9th grade boys have no boundaries. They will say any annoying thing that pops into their little pea brains, and I have them all when I am at my very wit's end. I think I am ok, but then after an hour with them, I discover I am going mad.

I kid about the chainsaw y'all.

I do need more sleep though.

Most people don't have jobs where they don't talk to grownups all day, so they just have no idea of what that is like. It's like being around very self absorbed coworkers all day, I suppose.

Maybe clueless youth are better. At least they have an excuse.

But then you know, all this rectifies itself. I come home to this.

And a little time to rest, make up for the 4 to 5 hours I got the night before. Pizza a movie and something mindless.

T'would be better if my ear buds weren't all busted...only get sound in one ear. Makes the 3 miles long.

N this guys blog entry made me laugh. Out loud.


Em said...

Thanks for reading my blog! I just popped in and read yours and: wow! someone else in my 'club':) I can relate- I can relate! Last night I was placing my son down on the other side of a baby gate when I fell and crashed into the gate and brought the whole thing down with me. My stealthy and wiggley tot managed to scurry out of the way in time but I am bruised all over.

Fitèna said...

lol! I sympathise! I can well imagine what you go through every morning! we're a family of six. 4 working and 2 still at scholl! the rackous, the madness and the stress of everymorning is just unbelievable! And you have to be awake pretty early, before a sister goes to work cause she might have "borrowed" the shirt, skirt or shoes you're intending to wear!!


J. Star said...

That crib picture is adorable :)