Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chernobyl + 20

How does one remember a utilities disaster?

How does one commemorate the death of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people because of a bad day at the power plant?

The price we pay for energy--and fossil fuel--in blood and with the lives of the poor.

Looking to look back? Look here.


suleyman said...

Those pictures are amazing. They remind me of "Omega Man."

People never seem to talk about Bhopal as much as Chernobyl. When someone says "industrial disaster," most immediately think of Chernobyl - even though Bhopal resulted in far more death and suffering two years before Chernobyl occured.


M said...

Dear Ms Kettle,
I hereby, as the pot, callest thou black.
Two updates in almost as many weeks? I don't have internet and I do believe I'm winning.