Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sammy Davis jr. Jr.

Is the name of the "seeing eye bitch" in the movie "Everything is Illuminated".

This book I enjoyed very much. I really enjoy literature with Jewish themes.

"An overture to the commencement of a very rigid journey" it starts...

The protagonist Jonathon "Jonfen" Safran Foer is also the author. Jonfen is looking for a town called Trachimbrod where his ancients are from in Ukraine. He gets to Ukraine and meets his translator Alex "please excuse and my English is not so premium", Alex's grandfather "Ded" (short for Russian Dedushka word for grandfather) and of course the seeing eye bitch. Ded hates Jews. Alex is a premium break dancer and replete with training suit is apparently a hot commodity in the Ukrainian dance club scene "many girls want to be carnal with me" and also likes to educate his miniature brother about reproduction via naked lady magazines.

miniature brother: "Why do they call it 69?"
Alex: "Because that was the year it was invented,"
miniature brother: "What did they do before that?"

Thus starts the beginning of the movie, which is almost entirely in Russian and to me is some of the most hilarious cinema, and I would watch it again and again and laugh out loud each time.

The end gets more serious, more dreamy, as it is in the book. The movie translates the dreamy portions of the book nicely.

Jonfen: "I am a vegetarian, I don't eat meat."
Alex: Pork?
J: No.
A: Sausage?
J: No!
A: Chicken?
J: No! I am a vegetarian! I don't eat meat!
A: What is wrong with you?

I am a picky movie person. But this movie, probably because I work with alot of Ukrainians, teaching them English, and Alex's English is perpetually hilarious in the mistakes he makes, maybe because I miss Russia, maybe alot of thing, but this book is just an amazing first book by Jonathon Safran Foer.

On can read the beginning of this book here on Amazon.

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