Tuesday, June 13, 2006

strange days

Our house is strange these days.

First, my step kids are here, and when we aren't doing exciting things (we keep them pretty busy with entertainment) or dancing to stevie wonder with A or eating or riding bikes or reading fairy tales, they are being little kids...for better or worse. It is a strange all of a sudden transition. They are very good kids though, and I must remember this.

Then something bad happened! Something temporary but genuinely pretty bad!

And then something sorta good happened! They are letting me stay in my classroom (they told me this after everything was in a box and loaded on a cart ready to go out to my car). The bad thing is that now someone else has to change rooms.

Now I guess I am a little less like Milton.

J will take the kids to Cali on Fri for 5 days.

And I have entered my final grades, the school year is almost over.

My students ended the year on a very serene note. Usually they are all giddy and happy and crazy, but this year they just sort of sat dejected in their seats like their spirits had been crushed. I couldn't think of anything that I might have done that would have crushed their spirits.

And the hard thing about the stepkids is listening to my stepdaughter consistently refer to her stepdad as her dad and tell me my daughter isn't really related to her because they live 15 hours apart. It is so hard to know what is ok to say and what is not.

And in 3 days all this pandemonium will be over and replaced by resounding silence, and we will not be able to see them again for the better part of a year. sigh.


suleyman said...

I remember feeling rather detached and almost weary at the end of every school year in high school. Can't explain it.

Where are they headed in Cali? Man, I wish I was taking a cross-country roadtrip this year.

Do people keep taking your stapler?


Natalie said...

I am so happy about the silence I will have here at the house for the next 2 weeks. With school out and Matt at work, I can sit back, relax, read and maybe clean up this place.

Adeline said...

Well it is not unusual in a school to have ones stapler jacked. Mine has never been jacked though. Though now that I have said that, it will likely disappear.


Natalie said...

Oh my... my stapler! I didn't think about safely packing that away like I did a lot of my other supplies knowing I will be gone for a whole semester. I love my stapler too. Much better than those old metal ones that are too heavy with lots of sharp corners. I might have to sneak back in and stash it away.

Adeline said...

This is odd to me, of the things I truly care about at school, my stapler is at the bottom of the list. In fact, if everything else were perfect, and only my stapler was jacked...I would be happy as a clam.