Monday, August 07, 2006

Diversity (a post from June)

In college in one of those lame writing 121 classes taught as a sort of punishment for graduate students I was assigned to write a paper about diversity.

Flummoxed. What was "diversity"?

For some it means many races or ethnicities, for some it means just black and white, for some it means many different kinds of animals...

at Gallaudet University for hearing impaired students it means many different variations in hearing ability.

It can mean religious diversity, partisan diversity. For some it means men and women and for others it means bisexual, homosexual and trans-sexual.

So what does it mean? If it means something different to many people in different situations? defined here.

And then we are supposed to celebrate it...well I love celebrations, but what the h*** am I supposed to celebrate?


aadil said...

For me diversity is synonymous with the local tv channel; Tamil movie on Mondays, Chinese movie on Tuesdays, French drama series on Wednesdays, Bollywood movie on Thursdays and Jack Bauer on Fridays!!! \(^^)/

Adeline said...

yeah i like the way you think aadil.

for me it is diversity in shoes, a good selection of sandals, work shoes, sneakers boots etc. it is so important! I could celebrate that diversity

i think that whole celebrate diversity thing will go down in history annals as something no one really got except the people who made the sticker so many put on their bumpers...that for each person it meant a different thing.

My favorite tv show is Lost.

aadil said...

Word, am a sandals and sneakers man myself. ^^)b

Diversity should be experienced (like you did during your travels) and applied. That's how to celebrate it. Those people who made the stickers will fade as history moves forward.

Heh, matter of fact Lost will be shown here on the local channel for the first time soon. :)

Carnivale is the best series ever IMHO, it was shown on HBO some years ago. You should check it out.