Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mmmm, dericious!

This is a popular tool these days, keeps ones bookmarks in a public place for people to access them, I keep the cool or interesting stuff I found there.

Anyone can set up their own page of bookmarks to go to from any computer, which is handy.

I also use for school when I want kids to find stuff on the internet, but they have a hard time managing search engines and don't know what is good info and what is garbage, so sets up a place where the students have access to links that are guaranteed to have good info. It is a good teaching tool.

The info I have up there is for the drug and alcohol unit I teach, the English Language Learners have to make a Powerpoint of a drug they choose, and the info comes from here. It is a popular project.

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happychyck said...

Thanks for the portaportal info. There are many times I give students specific website to go find information, and this LOOKS easier than delicious for the students.