Monday, September 25, 2006

Oktoberfest and Yuumi and Mariko

Not this past weekend but the one before we went to Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel. Mt. Angel is a very cute little town, one that I would live in. It has a very religious history, I believe it was a sort of German Catholic outpost of some sort, or maybe it was Lutheran, I haven't read much about it (yet!).

This weekend the Japanese girls came. I thought I could do it without Jeff, but thank God he didn't go to the retreat to help me with my 3 charges.

Here they are at Saturday market. The girls were very cute.

They are here with my neices and nephew.

Phew it was such a hectic weekend, I have so much to do that that is all for now.


Fitèna said...

I love the sock style! Japanese girls are so chic and the effect seems to e achieved so effortlessly!
They do look cute!


aadil said...

It was the same goth socks that punk blond guy was wearing when we first met, Fitena. And you didnt like it that time. :p