Sunday, February 04, 2007

Heaven help us

When your washing machine is leaking and making some old tiles in your house come up, you know you have grown up problems.

When you have to pull up tiles and be concerned about asbestos adhesive, you have problems.

When the big excitement in your life is new floor covering, you have grown up.

When you are considering purchasing an 800 dollar washing machine with your tax refund, you either have mental problems, or you are being wise with your money. Either way, that much for an appliance as un glamorous as a washing machine most certainly makes you a grown up.

When you spent all weekend doing taxes, you are a grownup.

When you spent all weekend doing them months before they are due, you are also a responsible grownup. Either that or you are fearful to owe taxes because you don't file quarterlies.

Either way, I am excited about a front loading washing machine (think of all the energy we'll save! And all the water! And all the detergent!! happy dance for strange things here) and because I don't owe on taxes at all, in fact, we will buy that frontloader with our refund.

When I get it, I am going to post a picture of it. MUahhahaha.

Actually, when I lived in a house in 99 and the owners bought a front loader, we used to watch it wash. We all did. And they were actually pretty hip sorts. So I am not sincerely going to concern myself with how twisted it seems to be excited about an efficient washing machine.

the next will be the roomba. We will have a party to watch it. You are invited.

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Mrs. T said...

I think it would be fun to have a rumba- and set up a video camera so that I could watch my cats freak out.
The washer sounds wonderful.I myself was all excited a couple of weeks ago for my own grownup purchase of a Dyson vacuum. LOVE the Dyson. 10 years ago? $500 would NOT have been spent on a vacuum. Vacation? Concert tickets? Big shopping spree? Stereo/video stuff? Of course. But a vacuum? No.