Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Goodbye Scots

It is hard for me to imagine that I lived my entire 20s in a state of constant flux, moving nearly every six months and 7 of those 10 years overseas. Because now I want nothing so much as to avoid too much change.

It is with nausea and a feeble attempt at positiveness that I look forward to no longer being the teacher at the school I am currently at. I keep hearing, there is no school like DDHS, and while I believe that, I will be relieved to not have to move my classroom every year, to not have things I acquired "reappropriated" (yes, I am still disillusioned by that) and to be able to teach near teachers who teach the same stuff as I.

My new school is housed in a brand new facilities that is astounding in its forward thinkingness. I think sometimes so even to those who teach there. Collaboration and technology, two things that excite me, are worked into every aspect of life there. So it is exciting, hopefully the good things will be happening there for me....

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