Monday, July 30, 2007

Holy Mother of all that is sacred

Ikea has opened in Portland.

I do not understand why. Why I go there, why I am so strongly compelled to nest, store, and accessorize my home with their well-designed garb.

But I enjoy it so that it puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day to drop a C-Note there on bookshelves, coordinating baskets, candles, wine glasses, picture frames, storage solutions...

agh, a sickness it is, to be certain.

N: It was not crazy busy at all. I got a front parking spot. I walked right in. I had sitting, and I am glad I didn't have a kid with me. I went at 1 pm on the day after it opened. The girl at the checkout said that it didn't get really busy until everyone got off of work, and I would say definitely avoid the weekends. Late mornings though, early afternoons I would bet are fine. Early morning I bet it's even more quiet, not sure when they open. I was bummed, couldn't find the 500 count bag of tealights for 99 cents (I might be exaggerating on that one a bit).

We had so much yard trimming stuff to do, I think we did something like 10 truckloads, and had "the pile" in the back yard for at least maybe a year. None of our trees had been trimmed in eons. But, I learned how to use a chain saw, and that was fun. However, as we look at 2nd homes, any overgrown trees are well-considered.


Natalie said...

Was it extremely busy? I have been wanting to go... but don't want to have to fight the crowds with a stroller. What time of day did you go? I am so excited that we have one in PDX. I really want to go soon! Wine glasses... yes! And all the other little stuff! I dream of their nicely coordinated rooms, although an entire room makeover is out of my budget right now. Friday I am plopping down $150 to have a few big branches trimmed off this douglas fir in my backyard. Wish all that could go to IKEA.

ms. whatsit said...

I am envious.

Mrs. T said...

There are 2 in Chicago- about a 2 and a half hour drive. Close enough to make it doable, far enough away to keep us out of bankruptcy....
LOVE IKEA. I seriously got curtains for my huge dining room window that is actually 3 windows, for $21 dollars. Not $21 a panel, $21 total.