Sunday, July 15, 2007

My favorite Question

Whatcha readin?

No I mean you, no don't click to go somewhere else, WHATCHA READIN' YOU?

Summer reading is almost as sumptuous as a few months at a spa.

Unfortunately my summer reading hasn't even really kicked into gear, but I do have some books that I have nibbled, some munched. I haven't found the right one yet.

I started with John F. Kennedy's "A Nation of Immigrants"

It was a little more historical than I was hoping.

I started reading Shusaku Endo's Silence. And it looks excellent, but its more like a steak and Cabernet Sauvignon when I am in the mood for a Chicken Caesar.

And I have The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho waiting for me. I think I will love it. I got the notion from Z, thanks Z.

I ordered a David Sedaris book.

So what else should I read?

I am also trying to read John Piper's "Don't Waste Your Life" but it isn't the world's lightest book.

Okay, I am open for suggestions! What are you all reading? What are you recommending?


Natalie said...

I will always respond to this question because I love summer reading too. I just made it off the hold list at the library for The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. I like it so far. Next week I will be picking up and reading my reserved copy of Harry Potter. I hope someday soon I will get off the hold list for the new Ian McEwan novel. I love his books.

Good luck with The Alchemist. I didn't have the appreciation for it that some other members of the book club I was in did. It borderlines on the fantasy genre for me--but I have noticed that a lot of latin (Mexican and South American) writers do that like Garcia Marquez and Jose Saramago.

ms. whatsit said...

I've read just about everything by Paulo Coelho. My favorite is Eleven Minutes, which is rather racey, btw.

My summer reading has been light, mostly Erma Bombeck.

No doubt I will gobble up the new Harry Potter book next week.

Mrs. T said...

I read "Moral Disorder" by Margaret Atwood- a collection of short stories that all run together. I just finished "Little Children", by Tom Perrotta-eh. Of course, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I read "Prep" while I was in Spain and loved it for its vivid, honest glimpse at being a teenager. Amy Tan's "Saving Fish from Drowning" is up next- it's for my book group. I've not heard good things, which is disappointing because I love Amy Tan.

Adeline said...

well cool I will look at these!