Saturday, January 05, 2008

Flickr & Yahoo stink

Flickr seemed all that and more for quite a long time. I loaded many, many photos there.

When A was born I originally loaded pics on Yahoo, because that was who I used alot, Yahoo. Plus I could print to Target, go pic up images when it was convenient for me.

In about August or so of this year, Flickr said they were moving all my Yahoo pics to Flickr and wahoo wasn't this excellent, I was going to get a free Pro Account! For 2 months. Wow, how generous.

Then, they told me that if I didn't pay 24.95 all my pictures would become unavailable. And they did. Now, I am only allowed to have 200 pictures on Flickr, andI cannot view them in the large size format. Convenient, just as I have recently purchased a nice dSLR and now Flickr is basically offering me nothing anymore. Unless of course I want to pay 24.95 for a pro account. I cannot see the large image size, I cannot print to Target, I cannot upload new pics each month without having other deleted.

I was given the old bait and switch. It seems like when Yahoo came along all Flickr offered went away. I voiced how this was a kick in the head, I got a canned email in response, ostensibly saying "this is how it is".

Bye Flickr and Yahoo. I am laughing because I have gone from having Yahoo do most all my web services to none. Google offers more. I'll keep pics on Picasa.


pril said...

at least you got a canned response. I never got a response to my asking for help migrating my stuff from my old flickr account to the new one. Been about six months now.. still haven't got anything from flickr.

ms. whatsit said...

I use Kodak Gallery. I figure that they've been around for a really long time, so they probably won't screw with my pictures.

Jeff said...

I haven't tried it myself, but a lot of folks use too.