Tuesday, September 20, 2005

cheese boigah

it's ma birthday it's ma birthday it's ma birthday.

oh no! spankins!


Jenelle said...

I just had a birthday on Saturday...turned 1/2 a century old...Happy birthday to you!

suleyman said...

feliz cumpleanos!

All y'all have birthdays right about the same time. First J.Star's (Sept. 16), then Jenelle (Sept 16-17?), Saphenous (Sept. 20) now Adeline (Sept. 20) all in the course of a week.

Very strange.

Oh, and "cheese boigah," that's from "Magnificent Seven" I do believe (by the Clash).


Jenelle said...

I tried leaving a comment earlier...i guess it didn't go through...anyway, I am sorry for the confusion! I know I said 1/2 century, but I meant 1/4 century...25.

Maybe I was feeling 50 when I wrote that, I don't know.