Tuesday, September 20, 2005

re rentanegro: un poco mas...

So this thing from Damali Ayo isn't really a joke. She has written a book.

And people are saying things like this...

"the generation of artists to which ayo belongs has begun to address not only the commodification of black people but also the marketing of blackness. (Ayo specifically acknowledges comedians Godfrey Cambridge and Dick Gregory, who told Rent-A-Negro jokes during their 1960s performances.)"

Maybe I should send her publisher a bill for promoting her. I could use the money.


Jenelle said...

That is freaking awesome. It shows a couple of things...

1. she has a awesome sense of humor
and 2.that barriers are coming down and prejudice is finally on its way to being stamped out.

I think alot of the old schoool thinking is getting eradicated with this new generartion...our generation. it's just my opinion. Even my husband who was raised in a very prejudiced home is beginning to change his thinking. If he can change, then so can the world.

That doesn't mean to say that religious prejudice doesn't still go on, I mean we know for a fact that it happens every day. Besides it seems that with the "enlightment" of religion seems to accompany a certain degree of ignorance.

But I really believe that at least here in the US things are on a fast track. I don't usually give opinions on such topics because I am not an arguer ant these issues tend to create conflict, but I felt compelled to comment.

Jenelle said...

BTW, I really like the new site here. I never could read your last blog because it was all scrunched up on my screen with the words all overlapping!

suleyman said...

I checked out the reviews for this thing. A lot of diverging opinions. It might be good for a laugh, but it shouldn't be taken seriously.

Oh, and I like Shakira, just not her music. I never got down with that carnival atmosphere, I guess it's the colder weather and the protestantism. But I have wobbled all over town on an entire bottle of Captain's dressed as a Japanese high school student.

And there ain't nothin' wrong with honky tonk music.