Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Helen wheels

A song to make you all smile.

I had a friend whose name I can't remember...but he has reddish hair and beautiful reddish auburn skin and he lived out of his back pack doing odd jobs for anyone who would let him in exchange for sleepin on their couch. He came to our house. Our house was full of lawyers and me. And he always promised to take me out for a steak dinner, even though he had no job and I was not the least bit interested in a steak dinner with him. I think it was to make up for the time I yelled at him for leaving his bong around.

He was from a small town and liked to hang out in skanky bars, but he looked like he could have modeled for Abercrombie--he had that healthy WASP-y look.

He was fond of giving nicknames. My roommate was nicknamed "crayon" short for green crayon, which was how they met, because Mr. Abercrombie needed a green crayon for an art project in his grade school years, and my roommate provided it.

Another nickname he gave was "wheels" for his brothers wife who was named Helen. He called her Helen Wheels (Hell on wheels was the implication).

I wonder where he is now.

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suleyman said...

Well, if he's anything like Frank then he burned his house down, got on the highway, and just drove north while listening to a top 40 station.

Some friends of mine that I used to know back in elementary school up and left waaay back. They moved up to Seattle somewhere, but I don't know exactly. I wonder what happened to them.

We all have someone like that, I suppose.