Monday, October 24, 2005

Smoke signals

J. Star; Well, I downloaded the song, which is reportedly (meaning it was titled as such when i downloaded it) God Bless the Child by Ella and Nina, but when I listen to it, I only hear Ella, and those file names are very easy to change, and I am not an expert on Nina Simone, but I don't think Nina and Ella were contemporaries, were they?

We adopted dognose from Greyhound Pets of America for 150 dollars. If you are looking for a really attractive and well-behaved pet, I can highly recommend greyhounds. He did use to race and they do abuse the racers a bit, so he's a little wierd sometimes, which they don't tell you, but mostly his wierdness serves as an alternate form of entertainment for us. We downloaded his records and he did well when he was a young racer.

Fitena; Yes I cold hearted squished 2 young men when I was about 25/26 years old. No they didn't do anything to deserve it, I was mean, self-centered and ultimately just wanted them to leave me be so I could go travel with no strings. They were very nice to me and I returned their niceness with a big dose of nasty mean. This is probably the only thing in my life I regret.

Jenelle, if you are drinking the brine from pickle jars, maybe you should go to Russia? Congrats on your new home.

Suley the thing in Addy's mouth is a toy shark finger puppet. She likes to teethe on it.

Saphenous: "Kids these days. Ever think about the fact that people have been saying that particular phrase for hundreds of years? Imagine how angelic the children of the 12th century must've been."

I don't really think the kids change as much as the parenting changes and the world around the kids changes. I think these kids were pretty par for the course. We have lots of foster kids and very lenient parents, so some kids have boundary issues I think. Meaning, they have no boundaries. I stopped working with the kids when one kid smacked me up side the head unprovoked (I was sitting there, said hi to him. He was 11 years old, old enough to know better--all I could think was that I would rather be at home, riding my bike, doing my own stuff than being smacked around by other people's brats) and then the other little kid who went around saying "Jesus hates me! He hates you too! I hate you too! I hate Jesus!". Naturally, I didn't know exactly the right response to this kid, and wanted to first "Do no harm"... thinking about it now I kind of laugh. But I still try to stay far from working with the little kids--mostly because I am not the right person to deal with alllll the issues they have, and I would rather not say or do the wrong thing. Aren't you glad I gave you all this information? Wake up dammit!


J. Star said...

Naw, Nina and Ella are kinda from different time periods. I thought it seemed a bit odd. :) But, that bein' said, a duet between them would be flippin sweet.

I used to work with handicapped preschoolers. Talk about issues...

Jenelle said...

Russia eh? I think it would be too cold for my Arizona blood. (thakns for the well wishes)