Friday, October 14, 2005

mememememe pt. 1

The happiest moments I lived this year.

  • Having Adeline, having her be healthy, watching her smiles
  • My husband, that we are on the same wavelength and when we aren’t it’s usually about something that doesn’t matter.
  • Working part time instead of full time.
  • Getting an A in my class

The people I love.

  • Jeff
  • Adeline
  • Brother John
  • his wife
  • Ali, Spenser and Maria.
  • Lisa, Leslie,

What I love about the people I love.

  • Jeff - his patience, his being on my side, his craftiness, the fact that he loves everything I cook even if it smells like catfood
  • Adeline, I love her smiles, watching her grow, her innocence, her potential.
  • Brother John because he is funny and when we were kids he would do strange things like play the theme to the lone ranger during dinner to see if we would eat faster, because he teaches his kids weird country songs, he loves my daughter, he’s not a fuddy duddy
  • Tricia for her ability to tell a good story, make everyone like her
  • Ali because she lost all her hair and never felt sorry for herself and that is one tough little 11year old!
  • Spenser, because he is gorgeous and funny and clever and is really thoughtful for a 10 year old.
  • Maria, because she is the baby and she does the Maria dance and she is beautiful and she cracks me up.
  • Lisa because she is crazy. She has an intelligence that she doesn’t even know about in her creativity
  • Leslie because she is a bug doctor and that is flippin cool

The little imperfections I see in each of the people I love.

Agh. Hmm, they should all give me more money. How’s that?

  • Jeff: He should work less and play more
  • John: He should move closer to us
  • Tricia: I am not going here
  • Ali: Shouldn’t argue with her mom and just accept the fact that mom is always right.
  • Spenser: He should go outside and play more
  • Maria: She should umm, come over to my house more so I can teach her how to make Ranger cookies.
  • Lisa Leslie should both move closer

My positive input to my relationship with them.

  • To take their side
  • Make them laugh
  • defend them
  • understand them
  • build them up
  • listen to them
  • remember their birthdays
  • remind them that some one is thinking about them
  • remind them that they should give me more money.

The things in my life am grateful for .

  • I am most grateful for the life I had before I got married. It gives me even a greater sense of blessing about what I have now, because I thought I never would ever have it.
  • I am grateful for every minute I spent in another country whether it was staring out a train window or it was having tea with a bunch of old ladies or making applesauce at someone’s house. Because I know I will go back.
  • I am grateful for Oregon rain, the color blue, my bicycle, the scooter I will some day have, my dog Mister, the flowers I planted that didn’t die, my savings account, the sound the straw makes when you get to the bottom of a drink, naps, my warm house, my sharp knives and good pans
  • And (drumroll please) I am grateful for Adeline and Jeff, the two biggest gifts I have ever received in my life.

The challenges I've taken up to in different fields (profession, romance, relations)

  • Motherhood
  • A series of classes in theology
  • Ongoing studies of Russian
  • Training for the marathon that I will do some day

The failures or mistakes I made. What would I do differently?

I wouldn’t have broken some hearts of some people I dated in my 20’s. I don’t feel bad anymore but I still coldheartedly squished a couple people and wish I hadn’t.

The 10 things which bring me the more instant pleasure everyday.

  • Coffee
  • Adeline
  • Jeff
  • Breakfast
  • Mister Dog
  • Mail
  • Comments on my blog
  • My students
  • Friends
  • Adeline

The 10 things which will bring me more satisfaction on the long term.

  • If I would have known that school would land me 40K in debt, I never would have even started, but I am glad I did.
  • Travelling—I can’t express how much seeing the stuff I have seen has changed the way I look at this world
  • Writing—it never feels like I am doing anything productive when I do it until I find out how my words effect other people
  • Daydreaming about traveling—it keeps my dreams alive
  • Being smart with my money now so I can travel later—sometimes I would rather just take that stash and go buy a scooter and a buncha new clothes, but I don’t
  • Making photo albums for people—always a good investment of my time.

The Heroes who inspire me, the people I admire more....

  • Mahatma Gandhi—the author of nonviolent resistance
  • Martin Luther King
  • Martin Luther -- long live those who set it straight
  • George Washington Carver –To think you can do all those things with a peanut!
  • Jesus
  • Pablo Neruda – Need more people to leave the world with a little more beauty than when they arrived
  • Tony Hawk – Just think of all the people who told him that he was just a punk ass kid on a skateboard, and now look at him!
  • That sweet little Rosa Parks who wouldn’t give up her seat on the bus
  • All the people who have died or suffered in the pursuit of equal rights
  • Cesar Chavez –there just need to be more men like him


suleyman said...

Oh yeah, I sometimes wish I could be Kirk Douglas. "Paths of Glory" is probably his best role.

Hm. Oregon rain. I've never felt Oregon rain. You just remember that a Carolina boy bought all that up there from the English back in the 1840s.

What is the Maria dance?

What scooter do you hope to have? I too hope to have a scooter, just haven't decided on the color yet (read: haven't made the money needed to purchase it).

A heartbreaker? I don't see you as someone who'd go around breaking hearts.

George Washington Carver. Hmmmm. He's interesting, but I don't know about inspiring. I mean, they're just legumes. I should have put "whoever invented peanut butter" in my heroes section. I eat peanut butter every day. Mmmmm, legumes.

That's odd about putfile. Unless your songs are really big, I can't see how you've already filled up 25mb. I tend to delete songs for my old posts and put new songs in their place.

As far as IM, my screen name is sonofsuleyman. I'm assuming you're talking about AIM, right? Not YM or MSN messenger?

Word verification: hcpgt


Fitèna said...

Sorry about the tears (plink) ;-) Embarrasing you wasn't the intent of course..... I hope you weren't and besides, we care and laugh at you for "plink" shall we never do ok....

Again. Whats the Maria Dance?

I love what you wrote about the things in your life your grateful for unit. Beautiful. Heartbreaker? I don't see/feel you as one. Am sure it's (if ever) been done out of common sense (you finding out the person didn't deserve you for example) rather than out of meaness...

You're going to laugh here. (I am). reading about Adeline Chérie, am reminded of my earlier visits to your blog. I thought Adeline was the baboon who's picture illustrates your profile!!!

(Going to read the 2nd part now)

I may help with the Arabic.

I loved The Piano too.

Maybe we can exchange ideas on ways and means of saving up money, whatcha say??!!

And Oh, I read all of it. And loved every word!