Sunday, November 27, 2005


It is interesting to me to watch our world, our society grapple with the question of "How did we come to be?"

I said early on it is a matter of faith, who ya gonna believe in? Suley said it too.

One thing I never thought of before is that beside how relevant it is, it is pretty fundamental in education too. A person with and EVOL viewpoint just has a totally different starting point than an ID or creationist person. And that effects almost every other presumption about how this world works.

I liked this article, it said very nicely some things that had been 0n me mind.


suleyman said...

First, just lemme say that ID is *not* a science. It can't be proven through scientific means that the universe was designed - whether by a god or some sort of unseen force (and, similarly, disproven). But the debate shouldn't be between evolution and creationism (which ID is another form of). There's no argument there. Evolution does not touch on how the universe came about - it is merely a theory which describes how life developed on this planet. It isn't some all-encompassing philosophy.

The debate here is between those who maintain that man's (indeed, all life's) place in the universe is the product of an exponentially unlikely happenstance, and those who hold that all life was created with some purpose in mind. Neither of these can be proved by science. This debate is reserved for the fields of philosophy and religion. Materialist versus religionist.

I propose that both may be right. Life was designed and given spark by Something or Someone uncreated, but part of that design was the ability to evolve and change.

Are we not men? We are IDEVO.


Adeline said...

I'm sorry and I am wrong if I ever so much as insinuated that ID was science.

My point of interest lies in watching people sort through this. I know what I believe (which for the record is that origins is such a broad area that it should be an area of its own as it encompasses more than mere science--and that the debate would be VERY educational)

What I think is interesting is just how defensive people get about their own little camps. People get riled up and emotional about this.

Thanks again for weighing in, hope more folk will say what they wasnt until i was challenged with this subject that I even started paying attn.

And I guess my point is that it IS important--it effects everything. and I don't think intelligent design folks would have any issue with your final suggestion, Suley.