Monday, November 28, 2005

U meme

OKAY after Fitena's monstromeme, all have been memed out. But it's time again for another littlun.

SO this one is shortish, its for those dark days with rain that we have so much of now.

I tag Suley, Saphenous, Janelle, Neil, JStar and Fitena: I challenge thee to meme away, memers

Three things that you wish you were good at but are either not good at all or just so-so.

OT details
Salsa dancing, or latin flavor dancing in general (just so-so)

Three of your favorite songs to dance around in ya undapants to.

(I'm just a) Love machine
Love Rollercoaster
Takin care of bidness

The name of your favorite teacher, what grade, subject and WHY (can be a professor too).

Mrs. Thompson, 5th grade, because she had a big white woman afro and she laughed at my jokes and had a very expressive face.
Prof. Mike O Malley because he suggested very good books to read like Kozol and Hertsgaard and challenged me to think, unlike the rest of my ed. classes.

Three things that you are inexplicably good at, for better or for worse.

I am a very good driver (knock on wood)
I hate to say I am good at anything because there is always someone better, but I am a good learner.
I like cooking, alot.

Your top 3 favorite breakfast cereals, if none, your idea of the perfect breakfast.

Golden Grahams
Toast and egg

Top three destinations, places you gotta see before you die and WHY.

Ecuador or Russia again, because I promised myself I would go back
Spain (this one is first)--crap I studied this place for years, it's only right I get to see it.
Israel (second)-- same as above.

Name a huge turning point in your life, something that happened and after that everything was different. What was different? Why?

Russia--broadened my perspective, made me redefine normal, and helped me develop ways to cope with hard times.
College--made me want to be smart, identify myself as a person who likes learning.
Getting faith--made me ask all varieties of hard questions about the world and life, and myself and where I was headed and what was good and bad and who I am.
Getting married--loyalty, stability, devotion never had these things before and now I do.
Having a kid--I had been so unsettled all my life till this little lady was born. I lived to travel and work. I lived to really live. Having a child has changed me all around, and it's a good thing, I was getting tired of me being the center of my universe.

On a scale of 1 to 10, are you a good kisser? Pursuant to this, does it matter? (what is your opinion)

It's like riding a bike to me. I think in doing so, necessarily you must put a little somethin special into it, right?

What is your best feature? Your worst? (intentionally vague here)

I listen well. I also proofread well. I have excellent vision.
I interrupt sometimes, too much. I am good at being a friend when I want to.
I am loyal, I value patience, I value people and relationships.

Are you a night person or a morning person?

Night, alla way baybay

Fill in the blank: "There is nothing better than _______ after a long hard day of work."

I would say either seeing Addy's smile and then taking a sumptuous nap.


suleyman said...

Golden Grahams? I see. It all makes sense now....

I'll get on it right away, teach.

Oh, and as far as ID, I never said that you said it was a science. I was merely drawing attention to the fact that it doesn't belong in science classes, which (ideally) should concern themselves with the physical and that which can be measured.


J. Star said...

Word. That's a good meme. I'm gonna do it. :)

The Great Saphenous said...

Those Mini Wheats frosted or unfrosted?

I'm with ya on Spain. It's had such an incredible history, and some of the things there seem unreal. That'll definitely be on my list.

I'll have the meme done within the next few days.

Fitèna said...

Haven't been posting much lately! You pple are posting such intersting posts I just keep reading!

Be doing this by tomorrow!

I just wathed "Shall we dance" feat. Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and J. Lopez.... makes me wish more I could dance... I love salsa nd just started taking lessons....