Thursday, December 08, 2005

crum bum

"if you can't say anything nice..."

hence i am silent. I have a circumstance that when i have described it to people I have heard reponses like "glad I don't have that problem" (thanks Margie) and "at least our situation isn't as bad as yours"--I have heard it so much now I make a joke about it. Tell me your troubles, when I tell you mine, you'll feel better.

So I am alternately feeling "given up", morose, angry and bitter, sometimes just numb. But you can count on an edge pretty much consistently.

It will all work out in the end, somehow I know that much. And there's always her... Addy brings smiles everywhere she goes.


M said...

Ah, the old "pity you? Pity ME!" syndrome.
People... *sigh*
I so give up on people. I'm moving on to a farm. And I don't mean a farmouse. I mean the pigpen.

Adeline said...

no pity please, have got plenty of good stuff too. nooooo pity, thats for people with real life or death troubles, the ilk of which mine are not.

have fun in the pig pen.

suleyman said...

Ah, but the world is so beautiful, baby poo notwithstanding.