Saturday, December 31, 2005

Brown and Pink

Is the new black and white, people.

For some reason, I really enjoy these analogies. Pigs are the new dogs! Gauchos are the new Ms Pac Man! Puma's are the new Con! Mp3's are the new 8track! huh? what? I always feel like I missed something. I ask myself "Self, What does that mean? Will I be missing out on something hot because I don't get it? Man! I HATE it when that happens! I am gonna be a fuddy duddy and be lost. I hate that."

I also enjoy these comparisons: "A murder of crows"--but I can't think of anymore, though I know a few of you out there have thought of some good ones...send me em and I will compile them with appropriate credit.

The inlaws are here.

I have no plans for New Years eve, but per usual, I wish I did.

asked referring to the "para calentarse" post " I like it. Is it Milton Nascimento?" No, or yes--it's Brazil Classics, which I downloaded and so not have proper knowledge of its authorship. Although I ordered a brazil classics CD, so perhaps I will tell you if I find out.

J.Star said "Tube socks are the greatest gift ever. Especially those ones with three fat red stripes at the top." We told him we were going to get him Pokemon tube socks which made him cringe, because he is supposed to be too old and cool to like Pokemon, but secretly he still watches Pokemon videos and enjoys them. I gave him 25 bucks instead and we went shopping, though he didn't find much he liked. He bought a lego thing, put it together at my house and now we are digging teensy tiny lego pieces out of addy's mouth.

Keep me as the apple of your eye PS17:8--keeps going through my head.


M said...

I call everything "the new black." Someone found this particularly ticklesome when I decided knitting was the new black.
Whatever tickles your pickle... happy new beer... YEAR! Happy new YEAR.

suleyman said...

Pumas are the new Cons? Say what? I know you ain't trippin'.

A parliament of owls. That's from C.S. Lewis. "An Exaltation of Larks" is a great book by James Lipton on the subject of collective nouns.

My New Years was awful. Awful.

"Hide me under the shadow of thy wings." That's an interesting verse. I would like to know what the Hebrew says.