Sunday, January 01, 2006

and thats's all for t'night

a murmuration of starlings
a gaggle of geese
a leap of leopards
a skulk of foxes
a knot of toads
a parliament of owls
a shoal of bass
a nest of rabbits
a richness of martens
a cowardice of curs

and to this i might add:

a giggle of high school girls
a slank of high school boys
a boredom of teenagers
a frenzy of teenagers
a roly-poly of infants
a knot of cars
a stank of track stars
a grunt of football players
a gangle of basketball players
a svelte of volleyball players
a prude of churchgoers
a click of programmers
a pucker of teachers
a discernment of administrators
a regulation of attendance officers
a wit of bloggers
a zombie of video game players


J. Star said...

"A stank of track stars" is excellent! :)

M said...

Martens are illegal in 46 of the 50 states, due to excessive cuteness.

suleyman said...


A quiz of teachers is better than "a pucker of teachers." What does a "pucker of teachers" refer to? Are you saying teachers are ass kissers? ;)


Adeline said...

no i think i meant more that mouth pucker that teachers use to express disapproval.

Fitèna said...

I like em!!!

What r starlings? I like the way "a murmuration of starlings" sounds.
" a click of programmers" is a good one.

Happy New year Heather! Wish you and the hubby find happiness and courage in Adeline. Wish your family all the very best for the coming years.... hope we meet someday, you, suley, j*, Gr8 Sephanous, Adeline (of course) n me....