Wednesday, January 04, 2006

attn. dog experts

I know there are dog owners out us. Mister has never ever ever p'd in the house until about a month/month and a half ago.

His bed is in the same place, he gets his walk every day and gets his pets when he seeks them so nothing has changed, that I can tell, in his routine. He is a VERY routine oriented dog. Tonight I saw him p'ing as i came up the stairs. Its always the same corner. Three times we have brought his nose to the area, said loudly "NO!" and then led him outside. This scares the bejesus out of him. Tonight I gave him a swat on the beehind as I scolded him, before I led him outside.

I can't think of what it is. His food and water is filled daily, kept clean and all other things being equal, I don't know whats going on. There was a baby gate installed at the top of the stairs, that is the only appreciable change, but logically it seems then he would p downstairs. Besides, the gate is open 24/7 with it only being closed when the baby is about. Now, though I want to close it when we are in bed or away thinking he will pee inside.

Before he would whine to be let out, which we responded to diligently. Now he seems to skip this altogether and just p in his spot in the corner. I would say its the babe, but the babe was already 8 months when this began.

Jenelle? I know you're out there...any suggestions? Anyone?


RunningWheel said...

My first guess is a urinary tract infection or just plain old age. In high school, our dog (a Cockapoo) started to urinated indoors around age 16 yrs old.

I just looked online, and this site had some interesting suggestions. The biggies were stones, senility, and pH of urine.

suleyman said...

I'm sorry, I know nothing of dogs. I only had one dog in my life and he ran away after a couple of days.

Reliving that memory has brought up so much emotional baggage. *sniff*


suleyman said...

I saw an advert for something coming on the discovery channel tonight called "the dog whisperer." I know it sounds absurd, but it's about dog training, so you might want to check it out.


M said...

Call thee thine vet.

Probably not getting enough attention, or has a bladder infection. But I'm no expert...

RunningWheel said...

How is Mister Dog doing? Have his pains and problems subsided? Hope he is doing better.