Sunday, April 02, 2006

Birthday Party

Addy's first birthday today--mom, step dad and step mom drove 3 hours from Seattle to attend. Props to step mom who also delivered new high quality couch for our living room--goes perfectly.

Pics to come. It was an amazing "big deal" for a first birthday party. Addy threw cake everywhere, was oblivious to candle-blowing-outting. Thankfully there was enough food for all 9 hungry adults and 6 hungry children present.

She got a bike seat, some outfits, some toys and a red wagon in which I will happily pull her along. Mom provided delicious homemade cakes, stepmom provided the shoes I kept telling myself I didn't need but secretly wanted for Addy (the Robeez) because they were spendy.

Overall a rather amazing outpouring of love for that little girl who did quite well in the hub-bub of everything.


Fitèna said...

Tune San din Kwaylon!
Janadeen Murarak!
Eid Milad Sa'id!
Joyeux Aniverssaire!
Happy Birthday!
All to Addy!!!!
May she be Happy and a source of hapinness to you and J, Heather!


suleyman said...

You know, I still have a recording of Addy cooing and making baby sounds on my mp3 player.

The internet is so strange. It allows people to celebrate a baby's birthday over thousands of miles without ever having met face to face.