Thursday, March 30, 2006

This is not a meme.

So anyone who ever reads me might think to themselves:

"Self, does this girl only just think up crazy crap and then run to her computer and blog it and thats all?"

Well, no I am a woman of maaaaaaaany facets.

I am gonna doobee for ya. No now not that kinda "doobie".

This is what I do:

I do photography with my husband as cheap entertainment.
I do water classes with my daughter.
I do a Tuesday night class and have for the past year, on theology.
I attempt to garden.
I cook. Often out of love, sometimes out of hunger.
I travel. I am sad because I haven't been anywhere since 2003. But I have full knowledge that I will not allow my lack of going keep me from going in el futuro.
I exercise. I have lost all my baby weight plus 15.
The pinnacle of what I do is Adeline. She is 1.
I teach. I teach kids. High Schoolers. All from different countries in my class. Russia, Ukraine, China, Vietnam, Tibet, Somalia, Romania, Herzogovina, El Salvador, Mexico, Sierra Leone... (I love it--I believe I have the coolest job of anyone I know.)
I make candles.
I ignore rules of punctuation, and yet I teach them.

This is what I be:

I be happy. Optimistic I be. The older I get the less I worry.
I be curious about nearly everything.
I be different, no one really understands all the stuff I have seen that shapes the way I see the world.
I be mom. This, I think is a universal thing.
I be in love with my husband.
I be ambitious.
I be persevering.
I be one who sees what can be rather than what is.
I be one who values art, creativity in every form (except the destructive ones).
I be one who values the ones without a voice that is heard.
I be one who values building people up, not ripping them down.
I be one who senses rhythm in noises, sees art in the mundane.
I be one who takes no shite offa no one, hear that yo?

And if this were a meme I would tag atpanda, megan, Jane in Russia (if she ever comes back), J Star (if it doesn't cause pain) and Natalie. But this is not necessarily a meme, if it sounds like a drag, or something you just dont have the time for dont feel obliged.

Natalie a meme is where you answer the questions posed in your own blog. In this case it is a Doobee meme, if it is a meme, where you tell what you DO and what you BE (never mind the bad grammar, k?). Ideally these things are things that the blogworld doesn't yet know about you. You can do it in the comments since I can't see your blog anymore.

Ok, well now for the top ten signs it's spring

1. They are advertising Cinco de Mayo on the buses.
2. The Easter egg stuff is out in the stores.
3. The spring line is here and it's still waaaaaaay too flippin cold to actually wear any of that stuff.
4. The daffodils are out everywhere.
5. The buds are out on the Japanese maple in the front and they are threatening to turn into full fledged leaves.
6. The air smells good.
7. More kids on bikes.
8. The sun is going down later, getting up earlier.
9. It's warm enough to go out and do gardening things.
10. It's spring break, I am starting to get cabin fever for being in so long and I am anticipating the summer...what fun things should I do in the summer yo? We are talking low budget day trips.


Fitèna said...

You know, I actually thought I'd already commented on this post. I open many blogs at a time, I guess I might have posted it by mistake on somebody elses's!

So, What I said was that I like this non-meme. It actaully taught me more about you than I've lerned from the other memes!

"I be one who values building people up, not ripping them down." I like that!

Have a great week end and kisses to Adeline!

suleyman said...

Hmmm, fun summer trips. If you haven't been to Mt. Shasta, you should go. If not for the scenery, then for the hippies. That may be too far away. I don't know what there is to do in Oregon besides looking at scenery, really.


krayzykatlady said...

hey, you don't know me, but i linked to your site from jane's blog, and i have a vacation suggestion:
the olympic peninsula in washington! it's a bit of a drive for one day, but there's a rainforest and kickass beaches (if you don't mind the cold), and all kinds of fun nature-type stuff...
and yes, i am biased. this is where i want to live.

Megan said...

Oh man, I just did a meme today that someone else tagged me for, but I like this one better. I'll try it here instead. (Thanks for the tag!)

I do:
I teach people who are kids at heart, though not in their age.
I travel (though, like you, it has been since 2003; I'm changing that with a Mexico trip this summer!).
I write, though not nearly as often as I would like.
I sing, off key.
I love with all my heart.
I dance when I'm happy.
I fidgit (sp?) when I'm nervous or scared.
I clean compulsively.
No, I organize compulsively.
I laugh at just about anything that is silly so long as it isn't mean-spirited.

I be:
I am confused about my place in life.
I am recently heartbroken.
I am a daughter of amazing parents.
I am an artist of the theatric kind.
I am curious about everything.
I am too open sometimes.
I am one who will not go gently.

Thanks for the fun!