Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Just finished reading...

God I love summer. Startin to ease into it now, oooh yeah, like a groove. Wakin up at 10, going to bed at 2 cos I was so into my book.

Just finished Man Walks into a Room by Nicole Krauss. Read it cos she is married to the guy who wrote Everything is Illuminated. If I had a cocktail party I would invite these people. They'd probably be boring, bookish, not at all the clever witty folk I imagine them to be, but I would hang on their every word in a ridiculous sycophantic way. They would leave nauseated by my bizarre behavior and never come to any future cocktail parties.

Who am I kidding, I have a tot, I have no cocktail parties. I would have to excuse myself to go change a diaper probably. Closest I get to cocktail parties is crackin a cold one and watchin Scrubs. Besides, all would run screaming away in agony when my dogstench walked into the room.

((((Sigh)))) Well it was a thought.


em said...

Haha! Yes, most of my 'cocktail parties' involve me and the man sitting up in our bed drinking and watching a terrible summer reality show. I don't think it will be any easier when the babies are 2... or 3? I don't even have anything to wear to a cocktail party anyway. I think all of my not ripped or stained dresses are from like 2002.

Adeline said...

the other thing --I don't really want to have a cocktail party. The house gets all messed up and I have to clean it afterward, and who is there to help? the floor is sticky with simple syrup, glasses everywhere... better a bbq at a park...one doesnt need a dress for that.

Fitèna said...

No one is there to help is the answer!! :-)

I haven't read the two authors you mention, are they good!?

I just finished "The God of Small Things", Excellent!!!