Monday, June 19, 2006

A thousand words

Tonight Leslie the salsa meister bug doctor, her bro and I found ourselves at Le Greek Cusina happily gnoshing down gyros, child ate some spanakopita and here is one of several great shots we came up with... this of them.

While the kids were here we danced. This is B. dancing with A. with M in the background.

Goofing off.

Please don't anyone say FERPA. Period 2.

This one cracks me up, he looks like the gang leader when in fact he is the quietest guy in the class, and all my girls--all the eyelasher curler set.

While they were here Dad and M went to see the ships that were in town for Rose is M from a bridge with the ships.


Natalie said...

I recognize many in your period 2. They were in my classes last year. I miss them so much! Just wait till you get the ones I had until last week--hopefully you can do something with them.

suleyman said...

I think I've said this before but I hate how teenage boys dress and comport themselves.

The dude in the fifth pic is just a total pimp (iced out no less).

Ah, high school. What a waste.


Fitèna said...

That pic is truly hilarious. Whose idea was it for them to pose with him sitting in front and the girls at the back like that! lol!
The pics are beautiful! addy is so cute!!!
I saw that first pic and thought, What? Heather dyied her hair???! :-) Wasn't you!


Adeline said...

Watch those stereotypes all! The kid sitting in front of the girls? gentlest, quietest in the class. A good kid in all areas, except for perhaps his academics. Respectful, not always late, no disrespect...I only could ask that he engaged a little more...

Fit...twas my idea, but not because of how it turned out. It just was the way the shot was set up.

Sorry your hs years were a waste Suley. Have noticed that one tends to get out of them what one puts into them. for many kids what they get out is not much more than a chance to grow up and get socialized.