Monday, July 31, 2006

Chuck Taylors

I walked past them at least 3 times before I crumbled on Friday night.

You know how parents always "dress up" their kid like how they think is cool? Like the 2 year old with a brian bosworth mullet? Embarrassing for that kid, to see the pictures now. So I am hoping that even if my kid ends up wearing couture spikes that I would only laugh at, the pictures of her and her cons won't scar her.

For now I think they rock.


Fitèna said...

I say they rock!!!
Hey you're lovely! I saw the pic on the previous Cali post! Love the smile! Ad looks like you!


happychyck said...

Chucks are classic! When I was in a fit of finding some decent shoes a few months ago, I almost bought some black ones. Those would have loooked nice with my dress pants, right? Yea, my husband thought not. He had to wear Chucks when he was a kid because they were poor. He can't see that they are cool now. Levis.

Pearl said...

She does look adorable in them.

em said...

OMG- I had just ordered my little 1.5 year old some before I saw this post!