Sunday, July 30, 2006


There are just some movies that newish moms really ought not watch. One is the movie Tsotsi. A thug shoots a woman in the leg, steals her car and discovers there is a baby in the back. It is a South African film. The hardest part to watch was -he didn't know what to feed the babe so he gave it condensed milk, but left the can in his bag and when he came back to the kid, its face was awash with ants. eeegh.

Overall, the movie had some pretty heavy themes, it was worthwhile though. It touches lightly on the AIDS crisis there. The kid is a victim of it, though it isn't spoken, mom is just "sick". It just was the wrong movie for me now. It was pretty horrible watching him try to figure out what to do with the baby. He carried it around in a shopping bag.

A movie that was really pretty awful was Junebug. Maybe it would be interesting to someone else, but it was just awfully boring...Chicago art dealer meets family of his down home new hubby and they are all wierd, but not even really interesting or funny wierd, just plain wierd. Man I got enough of that, don't need a movie about it too.

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