Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sorry But, Tiiiiime isn't on your side, no it's not.

When I was like 18, 22, 25 I would look at older women in shorts with all their mid aged impact thigh level and I would be thinking "She should cover that up!" When I saw a woman who had aged badly, whose hair got stringy, face wrinkly, bottom grown to magnanimous proportion, I would think "'s not gonna happen to me, dear God, please no!"

I am kinda ashamed to admit that, but it is true. I think I am not alone.

Fast forward to 30. For some reason I began to pack on pounds, despite nothing really changing in me life. And in addition, I developed rosacea, which made my cheeks glow red like rudolphs nose. Because I was at a new job and was transitioning, I think it was a little worse at this time because of stress.
Weight now gone and now I accept that I have super duper rosy red cheeks and when people ask me, I acknowledge: yes, I have very very rosy cheeks. That's just me, alright.

Yesterday I went pick up something at the Clinique counter. It shouldn't have taken long...I must have found it pleasant having women come up and tell me how cute A was, and having another person be interested in dealing with my uber rosy cheeks --well...they have special rosacea products too.

Clinique girl: Oh yeah, the redness relief creme is really popular. I use it, it works rather amazingly.
Moi: Really?
CG: But it is expensive, 75 dollars (hold up 3 ounce container)
Moi: Seventy five! That is expensive (pause, think to self "I would pay that if it would make my cheeks less rosy")

Seventy five dollars for face cream! What in the world? I never pay that kind of payola for nothin, man. And then I's sheer self confidence thing...a person's face is important. To say that beauty is not important, well c'mon. Who wouldn't rather talk to a pleasing face? This industry has people (women!) by the short hairs.

I spoke with J about it. He understood. Our culture favors the beautiful, the fit...those who look like life treats them well. It doesn't favor those who look like they've been beaten by the ugly stick, no matter how much character, integrity that person has.

We were watching a show about tribes and their rituals and rites...marraige, coming of age etc.

This man is of the Mek Tribe of Guinea. (no they never explained the really interesting way they wear their clothes)

I noticed that it was hard to tell apart the important or rich people from the poor people or the regular people.. they didn't have Rolexes or Mercedes and everyone just lived in huts. It made me think "Huh, imagine if the only thing that we had to really distinguish ouselves from others was our character--imagine that."

Back to vanity. When I was younger, I had good skin, didn't wear makeup really (a good thing too, as I had no money for that business) But now? Well, I tell you that Clinique girl talked me out of more my benjamins than I anticipated. I walked away thinking "What just happened? Geez, I hope this junk works!"

Has time ever stood still? Moved backwards? Has anyone ever living not clicked a year older annually?

What are a young woman's chances of keeping all that beauty, the thick hair, the sinewy legs, the supple complexion, the pearly teeth? Well if she is Jennifer Aniston and has a personal trainer and the ability to pay for services to take away the effects of aging, she has a chance. But we are not all Jennifer Aniston, and thank heaven for that.

But the positive side of this is many. Number one, this occurs to me so seldom, that it is novel enough to chin scratch and pontificate and write long ridiculous blog entries about. Number two, my beer belly hasn't surpassed the size of my belt, I still feel fine and possibly these are the short years when I still have my looks, plus the confidence I lacked at 18, and 22 etc. Number three. There is no number three...if there was though it would be to stop thinking about this subject for a second longer because precious youth is wasting away.

Happy aging, y'all!


Natalie said...

I know that rosacea is more of a medical condition than a mark of beauty, but I have always envied the people with those slightly pink cheeks. Because, well, I have almost no color. I am just pale and so every little imperfection is a stark contrast to my skin.

I love the summer because I can more easily go without make-up whereas at school I would almost never do that. The damn beauty industry has me by a few dollars. I too also try to cover up what is naturally mine including freckles, blemishes, and that colorless facade.

Don't give over to the fake or the seemingly fabulous... love what is yours. (I say that, but I am still going to shave and put on make-up today when we go to a bar-b-que with friends.)

Lynsa said...

yes but does the rosacea stuff WORK? :)

Adeline said...

lynsa--She swore it did, but of course she has something to sell, now doesn't she?

Natalie, slightly pink cheeks are not rosacea. A mask of redness covering the face is. When I first met you, I was struck by your smooth even complexion...never wish that away.

I have no compulsion to go down the road of the obsession with ones appearance. It is a shallow stream, and that is just not what I am after. at all.

Lorien said...

Semi-consolation: you can check to see their reviews for the product you bought. Also, people return those expensive things to Clinique all the time... it was surprising to me, as it seems like one of those no-turning-back items. and yet! So, if it works, yay! If not, eh.

Adeline said...


Hey thanks for the comment!

Actually I didn't buy the seventy five dollar creme. I think it was just the thought of it that struck me--that it wasn't outside of the realm of possibility. Thanks for the link though...I will check into it.