Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Fourth and Korea

Jeff and Addy on the way to see fireworks.

Started on the first. Included enough driving on Sat. (2 hours) Sun (2 hours) and Mon.(2.5 hours) that when invited to drive about a half an hour to watch fireworks, we just didn't want to be in the car anymore.

We did all this in order to see family. My mom bought a new house, haven't seen pops since Christmas.

It was a fine trip, it was made perfect by Jeff's attendance. Travelling alone with a 15 month old is labor intensive...esp for such short visits. Alot of car loading and unloading, feeding, napping, changing, bathing and making sure she doesn't eat the random coffee bean or whatever other detritus (button, bead, old piece of food, rocks, pennies etc.)on the floor. Not to mention the drive (2.5 hours). If it could be that I could arrive and have her taken off my hands, help me unload the car and set her up...well that would be nice and different. But with Jeff, well it's just about perfect.

Mother Nature did her own fireworks display on Monday with really rockin thunder and lightning storms that night. I love them.

On Tuesday we started the day slow and easy as we had ended Mon. Food, chores, fun time with child. But Addy, who thinks that she is going to tackle stairs like and adult, and who has no respect for the harm they can bring to her, well she had some unwanted tumbling lessons and ended up with a respectable bump on her head. Were it any other material, the trip to the E room may not have happened, but concrete, upon which she grazed, is notoriously unforgiving. If my prose is circumlocuting the events slightly because it is simply too painful to tell otherwise. She was described as fine, but that we should watch her. Indeed, she slept alot today but otherwise was acting perfectly normal.

The fireworks were alternately fun but at one point they were terrifying for her. But overall I was successful in convincing her they were a good thing and there was only one tearful bout which ended before we even made it out of the park, so we stayed for the rest. The loud popping was the only thing that seemed to bother her.

My continual thought while watching all the fireworks was about an Iraqi vet who commented on the radio about how July 4 really was unpleasant for him. Before the show was over, another Iraqi vet called in and said the same thing, that the 4th is now just a trial of a holiday.

Addy was unusually snuggly before bed. Normally she is arching her back and is truckin' to a near fever pitch till I finally out her down for the night. Tonight she was content to lay in J's lap and fall asleep there. She has only ever done that once before.

We invited A over. His marraige, heck, his whole life is a mess. Part of the problem is his own perspective and that's all I'll say about that.

So but today while I am at the gym CNN reports that N. Korea has filed 6 missiles as a test. One of the missiles is a long range missile that could hit the US. And yet this is supposed to be a test. Does this mean they are nuclear missiles? Does this mean a test missile will hit us? I am on the flippin stairclimber thinkin well, come on now, "Breaking News", should I duck and cover? Will I be seeing people's skeleton's in a moment? But a few minutes later they reported that all the missiles failed, fortunately. But I mean caramba! The headlines are reading "N. Korea Missile crisis"...does this mean nuclear warheads are attached? Is it just testing the the equipment to get the warhead there? All I know was that for a moment, it just was very odd. It looked like N. Korea just dropped the bomb on us, or tried to anyway...

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suleyman said...

Sorry about being AWOL for so long. I've been busy (which is normally a lame excuse, but it's the truth).

The N. Korean missiles didn't have warheads, but it's considered a provocation to launch missiles over another country's airspace or to launch weapons without notifying sailors of their final destination. Also, N. Korea is rattling sabers in an attempt to get the international community to give them what they want (like Iran has been acting lately). Typical Stalinist bluster.

I also think the 24 hour news media tends to hype things out of proportion. Sure, it's significant, but not a "crisis" by any means.