Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lost-a-thon and question for y'all

Not that it matters one whit, but I am not much of a TV watcher. We have netflix and I am just completely satisfied to get all my tube entertainment there.

I told Jeff that we should get cable so the babe could watch Sesame Street eventually. He said "Just get it on Netflix," Huh, didn't even think of that... He is funny, he refuses to even see if our cable modem somehow also inadvertently supplies cable TV and adamantly doesnt want to introduce a regular regimen of TV, but at the same time, he drools over the 56" plasma flat screens that he sees.

Anyway, so the man is gone for a couple days so at night, with no other distraction, I sit and watch like 3 or 4 episodes of Lost at a go. I am still on the first season, having just finished it up. The fluff is irritating, but the show is infuriatingly suspenseful. I can't stop watching it. Especially the issue with Claire's child, just tied me up in knots.

Now I am a person who doesn't watch much so this new development of being mildly obssessed with this show is rather humorous to me. The last show I remember watching regularly was like Eight is Enough or something like that. Love Boat. LaVerne and Shirley. Brady Bunch. And not on Nick at Night either, we're talkin prime time. It has been a LONG time. I dont watch it on TV schedule time, I just get the DVD's.

So my curiosity is this: Who is the hottest member of the opposite sex as far as you are concerned. See, I am all about swarthy Sa'id. Those swarthy men make me weak in the knees. Yes I have more often then not dated men from other cultures. My white guy count is rather low. I went through a big phase of Jewish men. Not even intentionally, just happened that way.

Who is it? Jack? Sawyer? I guess there is a new hotty named Echo in season 2.

Yeah I know this sounds pathetically like a person caught up in soaps, but man, its summer after all. All this brainlessness feels, well aside from feeling my brain atrophy, it's fun after so long.


Natalie said...

I can definitely understand your infatuation with Sa'id. He is sensitive. He has that long hair and scruffy hair thing going on. He is smart.

I just finished the Lost season 1 dvd's about 2 weeks ago. I miss having them to watch. Season 2 comes out in November I think. I can't wait ! It sucks that I can't really watch the start of season 3 on tv because I will not have been able to see 2 yet. I wish they had a marathon on tv. If they do ever get one scheduled this summer or before next season, I will invite you over to watch it in High-Def and make your hubby jealous.

shane said...

your obsession is completely ok in my book. this show is really great. i am through season 2 and i cant wait for the next.

this question is kinda hard for me. i am constantly going back and forth between shannon and kate. they are both pretty hot but in totally different ways. i think i would have to go with shannon though.. wait.. maybe kate.. who knows!

Adeline said...

No way!

Shannon is such a priss! She is dumb and weak! Kate is unpredictable and sorta flaky/scary but man is she gorgeous! Same with Shannon, but she has that *beeyotch* look on her face all the time...I think dudes like that though.

Fitèna said...

Well, must i tell you that I hae no idea what you're talking about?! No! I guessed that! lol! I don't know this show! *sad*
*beaming* But i knowwhat you're talking about. There was this most stupid God ever made man imagine show that we watched. it got us hooked for reasons still unknown to us. We'll watch it with scorn making bad bad fun about the producer and still watch!


suleyman said...

I've never watched that show. I don't watch any network television. I don't watch much of anything regularly, save Mythbusters (now that Dr. Who is between seasons).

I'll tell you who's hot: Kari Byron.