Friday, July 21, 2006

Sharping. Where am I taking you? I've no clue.

If one wonders why I am up at 12:30 at night posting blog entries, it is because I went to el gimnasio too late and so now, having practiced poor "sleep hygeine" (according to WebMD, I am awake because of the chemicals in my brain that were released from exercising.

It isn't one of my biggest fears, but I never want to turn into the Mom character in that movie Spanglish. She is a uberstressed-out, ultra competitive, highly strung California blonde woman who is skinny and is rather scary.

Bought a kite. My first. Felt damn good. Will try to post kite pictures. Suley, I thought of the house boob for weeks (the one I tripped and fell into)--but do you know their house boob is right next to their front door and I have been too scared to go photographing next to their front door...I kept imagining myself trying to explain "Oh, I just wanted some shots of your house boob," See, they are older folks and...well.. you get it.

Anyway it came off come summer. Fancy that, removable seasonal boobs.

If you are looking to buy summer clothes, patio furniture or camping gear, end of July is when all the sales are. Crazy sales out there today! Went to four stores before I could locate some sporty sandals! Ended up with TEVAs (happily, I might add, though I never would have bought them if I weren't desperate) because we are going to a lake with a river and one needs sporty sandals that are amphibious in these environs. My hope is that they will last me forever, that I will never have to fondle Keen's and lust after them, and then find they are 90 dollars and go through the synapses burning of trying to figure out just how badly do I need/want them, anyway? The Teva sandals were only 30.

Yes, what I talk about changes in the summer. My whole life changes in the summer. I bought a box of Chardonnay, for cryin out loud.

Car rack for bike. Another nightmare of retail hell. Roof mount costs 400? I just can't believe all these people driving around spent this money for such a simple, ridiculous thing! Just getting my bikes on the car is getting crazy. I am gonna go buy a cheapy rack at WalMart.

Left some drool on the Puma's at Nordstrom. What is wrong with me? I get offa work and my life is reduced to TV shows and sneakers at ultra expensive retail establishment. (hangs head in shame)


em said...

I am back from where ever I drift off to- I will be re-starting the blog endeavor on a blogger-blog. I am just waiting for a free moment.

I did get Keen's. I paid an unjustified 85 bucks for them only to have the place where the strap attaches to rub my foot raw. I feeling like crying when I look at them. $85.00 worth of pain!

As for the box of wine- last night I bought a huge 5.00 bottle of chardonnay type product and mixed it with fruit punch. Summer does something to a person!

M said...

Know what, though? I went el-cheapo with the racks, and now I wish I'd ponied up the bucks. Mine look like crap, and it makes me nerveous to be putting 2 $4000 bikes on $200 racks.
By the way, I really really like those nights when you can't sleep... so long as you try, then it's OK if you stay up til 4 drinking herbal tea and reading about stuff on the internet you wouldn't normally read about. Case in point: Mary Read.

Adeline said...

M I bought a cheap rack. I am ok with it. I have cheap bikes. Besides, it was implausible to drop 500 on a rack for a trip that was about to happen the next day.

I think J and I will start toward better bikes and subsequently better racks. At this point thought, I can't even fathom owning a 4000 dollar bike. I think mine is worth like 15 bucks.