Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New peeps

Queen of Napville

Yes Aadil, they are all girls.


aadil said...

Just what the world needs: soccer mid-thirties moms driving station wagons, who are Desperate Housewives fans, and blogging about how hard raising kids are. ;)

Else I've been on Modigli's and Isabel's blogs before, the others are all new to me (well same old new news).

Adeline said...

um yeah, i dont think that description really fits any of those ladies, so maybe you should read them before the generalizations are laid out. Those people are not my *friends*.

aadil said...

Silly me, I mistook them for your friends.

toujoursmardi said...

Yay- New stuff to read!
I just restarted reading blogs and blogging (i am em of the former 'everyday is like tuesday')
I have a new blog! Now to read what I missed of your blog on my hiatus. Your child is looking gorgeous, btw!

ChickyBabe said...

I'd forgotten all about blogday. Oh well, next year!

Norman said...

OMG!!! someone called me a soccer mom with a station wagon!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!! i'm the anti-soccer mom!! LOL I try to hit'em with my car cause they annoy the CRAP out of me. However - i will admit to the mid-thirties tag....


aadil said...

AHA! Gotcha on that mid-thirties thing at least. ;d