Monday, September 11, 2006

Get up offa that thing...

My mp3 player, an old S50 from 2002 waaaaay before mr. ipod came out, made by rio has served me well. I bought it and have used it several times a week since then.

And when it is on, I am in motion.

Here is the heavy rotation (very heavy, I can't seem to get it to allow me to put new songs on it)

Weezer 6 songs
The Ramones 8 songs
Psychedelic Furs
Sleater Kinney
Fatboy Slim 2
Manu Chao
The Clash 5 songs
King Africa 2 songs
The Pixies 14 songs
Dandy Warhols 5 songs
Dick Dale and the DelTones
The Breeders 3 songs
Sir Mixalot
Michael Jackson
Janes Addiction
Nicola Conte
Rage Against the Machine
Imperial Teen 2 songs
Grandmaster Flash
Apollo 440
Violent femmes
Reverend Horton heat

can you tell this is cardio tunage? so vote for that which pleases you or make suggestions, these tunes are gettin old.


aadil said...

This playlist smells like rebellious teen spirit to me. :d

Adeline said...

yeah, i did grow up in seattle in the 80's ya know. it rather shaped my music selection.

atpanda said...

Rage is ALWAYS good. And I love Fatboy Slim for sure. I say nix the Sir Mixalot (???) and Grandmaster Flash and add a little Blackeyed Peas and Barenaked Ladies. :-)

Adeline said...

Yeah Rage was the new addition this time around, I put on "Testify" not even sure where I got it and I really like it. For some reason I thought their sound was more industrial...they just sound like early Soundgarden to me. Anyway, are you saying you don't know who Sir "Baby got Back" Mixalot is? Well, I might recommend that to you, as I think you will find it a high quality workout tune.

I actually skip over G-master flash lately, it is too slow for me. I will checkout those two...thanks!

So aah-deel---what are you putting up anyhow?

aadil said...

Me? I've decided to piss u off by leaving nice, warm and glowing comments on your blog.

You rock btw. \(^^)/

Margaret said...

Violent Femmes forever!