Thursday, September 14, 2006


Not something I did this time...

This old coot.

This guy, Fred Phelps makes Jerry Falwell look like a saint.

I recently have been watching 30 Days, the show from Morgan Spurlock of "Supersize Me" fame, and he basically operates from this 30 days idea putting people in really unlikely and difficult circumstances to generate some understanding from different sides of issues.

For example, the last one we watched was a straight guy who went to live with a gay guy living in the Castro district in San Francisco. He was confronted with his own ideas of what he thought of homosexuality and thus his own prejudices.

At first I was skeptical, thinking it could be a real mess and irritating to watch, but Spurlock is keener than that with who he chooses to put together and the footage he chooses for the show, and the show turns out really excellent. It is the only "reality TV" I have ever thought to be worthwhile. I like Spurlock, there need to be more of him. I recommend this show.

I couldn't do better than this description taken from here.
The premise of 30 Days with Morgan Spurlock is similar to that of Spurlock’s film Super Size Me, in which, for thirty days, he restricts himself to a diet made up entirely of food available at McDonalds and denies himself any more exercise than the average American gets in a given day (not much). As in that film, the show uses one individual’s personal experiment as a framework around which to hang numerous asides into the central issue being discussed. In Super Size Me Spurlock visited school lunch rooms to see what they served, and discussed other issues involving fast food and obesity in America. Similarly, in the issues I watched, on minimum wage and Islam in America, the central “reality TV” narrative was framed by numerous humorous and informative asides regarding the issue at hand.

But back to Fred. In this last show they showed this man, if one coulf call him that, picketing everything from Gay Pride parades declaring "God Abhors You" with signage and all variety of really offensive messages. He's basically a terrorist, but he is masquerading as a Christian. He's embarrassing.

So this guy, you may remember him, he has been picketing funerals of soldiers coming home in Iraq saying that they died a shameful death for protecting a country that protects the rights of homosexuals. He pickets the funerals. There are times when freedom of speech is just not such a good thing.

He gets his own kids to hold these signs, he has a huge family. This is just plain tragic.

Why am I going on about this guy? Because it seems to me that this is what God means when he says to not take his name in vain. This Fred Phelps damages the name of God (though I am sure God isn't worried, but here on Earth, people will use this guy to make a point that Christians are wingnuts) Sometimes I wonder if we don't need a little more of that "judge not lest ye be judged" type preachin'. Alot more.

Any thoughts out there y'all? Ever heard of this guy?

Anyway, check out 30 days, it is a really good deal.


Megan said...

Why am I going on about this guy? Because it seems to me that this is what God means when he says to not take his name in vain. Because he damages the name of God.

Absolutely perfect. I love this paragraph and wholeheartedly agree.

Natalie said...

so, you have cable now? I am not supposed to but they hooked up extra when they were here. I think it is a ploy to get me hooked and then they will take it away and expect me to pay for it to come back. I will check out 30 days. I too love Spurlock.

Norman said...

This guy threatened to come to a funeral of a local soldier that died in Iraq. Our whole town was in an uproar about it, and a motorcycle gang was set to come in to "shield" the family from this stupid jerk.

Then it rained the day of the funeral so they decided to call off their protest. Can't be too driven if he'll let a little sprinkle ruin his party... !!!

Adeline said...

I read about the motorcyclists that ruin their fun, good for them...