Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Inconvenient, or not?

So somehow we ended up with An Inconvenient Truth as our DVD selection for the evening, and I am going to pretend Al values my opinion for a moment.

1. Thanks Al, it seems like if no one keeps telling people that SUV's and personal habits are what the problem is, we all go back to sleep with the furnace cranked up to 75 and all the windows open. Any education on realistic social responsibility is a good thing.

2. Al, I don't think I am the only one who doesn't want to rehash your bid for president and loss by a hanging chad. This portion, where you show us how at peace you are with having lost that election, should be on the cutting room floor.

3. Al, I really liked that you did everything you could to deflate credibility of ideas that some folks have about climate change not being very important. Thanks for showing what happens when the ice melts, how fast it melts and all the repercussions. I thought most people had to learn this somewhere, but, er...it seems like I meet alot of people who don't care/don't know. Unfortunately I haven't developed a habit of carrying relevant climate change stats on a card in my purse to educate folk.

4. Al, it is ironic that you showed so much time of yourself riding around in jumbo jets and cars. This are big contributors of the very gases you deride as causing climate change. There was alot of time of you playing around with your really slick presentation on your laptop...Al, not to be harsh, but I don't care about you. All this pictures of yourself and stories are mostly kind of irritating. Be careful or you will start looking like another Jesse Jackson, who it seems does stuff just for another crack at that spotlight.

5. I am amazed at how fast peoples minds change with a little information sometimes. Your documentary give just a nice mix of philosophy, humor and info. I especially liked the slide from the current administration about environmental policy. Most excellent. The slide showed a balance, like a legal balance. On one side is gold, the other side is the earth. Anyone else see the absurd irony?

I like that he poses the whole "Whether or not you will let your life actions show that you are concerned about this..." as a bit of a moral issue. I mean, remember smoking? Somehow smoking went from being cool to the opposite of cool. It would relegate the environmental issue to nonissue if people who drove SUV's were viewed as just less educated, a little more selfish, or folks who just hadn't "caught on" perhaps than those who chose a more fuel efficient vehicle to haul their clan.

What surprises me is that this whole environmental thing is a huge market, why doesn't anyone GO there? People would pay with their greens for more efficient stuff most of the time, at least here in Porkloin they would.

Have I offended you yet? I am good like that, if I have.

Otherwise, I am beyond tired, and must go...

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suleyman said...

If he had won in 2000 he wouldn't have a career now. Instead, he'd be hated and reviled like George. Glad you called Al on his use of jets and such. He's hardly setting an example.