Sunday, November 19, 2006

Who even comes to your little blog, anyway?

Google searches that landed people to my door here at ChezWhat?

Fooled around and Fell in Love
Se quiere, Se mata (this is a song by Shakira, an oldie from '95)
All lost in the supermarket
Chewelah, the inland empire

I am durn surprised that I am getting so many hits off those first two. Who could have known that a smaunchy song from Elvin Bishop in the 70s would be so popular. Maybe because it is so phenomenally awful? The Scrabble word I can imagine. Sorry, no pics, except this one from my flickr.

It is titled: "Let's Rock!"
This is moments before she tasted the rock. It is truly all so fascinating to her. Lately she yells "SUNSHINE!" whenever any light goes on. Even the dome light in the car. Poor thing. She lives in the PacNW and an electric light is her sunshine.

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mm, rocks