Friday, December 01, 2006

Netflix is better than TiVo

Maybe it's all what one is used to, but in looking into the TiVo thing that people are all crazy about, I can say I wouldn't trade it for Netflix.

I can see the advantage in that one doesn't have to wait for the shows to come out on DVD, but with the way we watch TV, which is kinda like we hear about a show after it has been on for awhile and then we put it to the top of our Q in Netflix...we don't have cable and TiVo would be on top of cable or satellite. Tivo itself is about 13 dollars per month on the lowest end, but there is still the money that is paid for the satellite or cable. Netflix, we pay 20 a month and we get anything we want. No cable, no dish, nothing. Just a 20 dollar DVD from Fred's. Did I mention that we can get anything we want? If it isn't on a DVD, we don't watch. Total control, baby.

We get everything from Sesame Street to TV shows to the DVD's I show for class. I can get them within a day. Why aren't they paying me for this good advertising? Netflix is better than TiVo. As near as I can tell, this is pretty much how TV should be.


susan said...

I do find Tivo tempting simply because there are current TV shows I'd like to watch, but not necessarily when they air (e.g. Studio 60, Monday nights, past my bedtime), and I am too impatient to wait for them to come out on DVD. ;) But yeah, Netflix does pretty much rule all.

Ah, Freddy's. We don't have any of those down here. I miss Oregon.

Zhenya said...

Netfix sounds tempting especially because we now have no access (by choice) to the tv world. It makes so much more sense to watch something (that you found worthwhile by reading reviews, speaking to friends about, ect.) at a time thats convenient to you and your family instead of waisting time on flashy shows that end up robbing you in more ways than one. Looking forward to your posted reviews of the movies you've seen through the Netflix service :)

Adeline said...

Susan yeah right now i know i will be waiting for Lost until next fall. But I am a little twisted in my acetism (sp?)--I force myself to wait. Plus I am very very cheap about stuff I cannot hold in my hand or that has inherent value.

Zhenya tv schedules are vile, but just because i dont and wont adhere to them doesnt mean i dont want to mellow out for an hour in the evening with some mindless entertainment. i do recommend netflix, but last i checked, i thought you already had it? It is total control, almost barring the quality of whatever you request. I do recommend "Thankyou for smoking", though it has strong language, and a 2 faraway sex scenes, its not as gratuitous as these things typically are...and the message to the film is priceless. It isn't family friendly, but it has an interesting message about big tobacco.